Another Brooklyn Christmas....

F.I.B is always late to get into the holiday spirit and to quote from a blog post from last year where I said,
"I was raised in a house where we never got a tree until Christmas Eve. All my life I thought it was a quaint old world tradition (well, actually it kind of is) but a couple years ago I found out the real reason we did that was because the trees were half price on Christmas Eve.

Another childhood memory shattered."

If you want to read a a bit more about why I chose to divulge my saga to the world last year, click here!
And now I give you Christmas in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn USA!
President Street.Homer all alone on 1rst Place.Big drunk Santa!


MaryRuth said...

Oh man, I want a Homer Santa! That is so awesome!
When I was a kid (up until age 8 or so)...we put up the bare tree on Christmas Eve and Santa decorated it AND left gifts. Busy guy.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Those are really fun pictures that really capture the CG Christmas spirit. I love it. Have a very happy holiday Lisanne.