Happy New Year from F.I.B.....

New Year's Eve Firework in Prospect Park
In a stroke of insanity, I ventured into Prospect Park in the freezing temperatures last night. I have never gone before and it did feel cool to be close to nature at midnight, i wish my camera was able to pick up on the sillouettes of the trees in the foreground... I wish all the FI.B readers a happy, healthy, peace filled New Year. May your cupboards have some food in it and you have friends and family to lean on sometimes. Keep fighting the man for me please 'cause they are the reason everyone's lives and places like Coney Island are such a mess right now. I hope to get back to blogging more regularly, I'm working a job (which i am very THANKFUL to have) that makes it difficult to do....Happy New Year Babies!!!


Katia kelly said...

Happy New Year to you too.
Saw the fireworks from afar but I was not as brave as you and stayed home. It was simply too cold last night.

amarilla said...

Happy New Year, Lisanne! Thanks for a taste of the fireworks.