"Who Walk in Brooklyn" writes to Luc Sante (and he answers!)

A fan of Luc Sante? Like old postcards? Then you will *DIG* the interview done by frequent F.I.B photo contributer, Brian Berger.

And GET this! The interview was actually done via post written by HAND on old postcards. Brian not only talks old postcards with Mr. Sante but asks him compelling questions such as, "Who would you rather have seen lecture, Emma Goldman or Carry Nation? Neither mourned the assassination of President William McKinley, shot by the anarchist Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo on September 6, 1901."

You can see Lucs' answer below, but better yet go read it at Who Walk in Brooklyn!

P.S- Berger is on a roll, he interviewed Jonathan Lethem the week before, check it here!

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