Let the EPA know that you want the Gowanus cleaned. Comments due April 27th!

The EPA is required by the Superfund Law to consider the input of the Public before finalizing their cleanup decision and is accepting comments through April 27th.

From the Riverkeeper:

"The Environmental Protection Agency will decide soon on its cleanup plan for the Gowanus Canal, and we need your help to ensure the cleanup is comprehensive. After nearly 150 years of use, the canal has become heavily contaminated with PCBs, heavy metals, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, sewage solids from combined sewer overflows, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

This plan is comprehensive and will involve dredging contaminated sediments and capping what remains to prevent the future spread of pollutants while reducing toxic discharges from Combined Sewer Overflows by 58 – 74% and halting the flow of contamination from properties along the canal.

The EPA has also asked the Red Hook community if they would support the creation of a Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) on the Red Hook waterfront to permanently dispose of sediment from the least contaminated section of the canal after it has been treated."

 Follow this link to a simple form provided by the Riverkeeper.

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