A day at the beach......

Yes, Coney Island is partially demolished, partially boarded up and there are large signs advertising "prime retail space" along Surf Avenue but that did not deter the happy crowds that were on the Boardwalk, at Astroland or catching striped bass on the pier and proudly TAKING IT HOME!!!! Here's some pictures..Like everywhere in Brooklyn, the trees blossom here too....Shoot the Freak makes it here for another season......The games are freshly stocked with prizes.....Future luxury condo site..a crying shame!


Another reason to go to England, they care about Coney!

The blogosphere can be an amazing thing. First I'm quoted in the The Brooklyn Paper reminiscing about the wild dogs on Bond Street now the Sunday Observer over in England quotes my opinion (amongst others) on the "development" of Coney Island! If I was sitting in a bar pontificating on how the world pisses me off as I sometimes do on this blog the world would never know! I salute you Mark O'Flaherty and the UK Observer, our own NY Times has not really bothered to scribe such a fine article. I will read your paper on my way to "Dicken's World"!
Check it out!
UK Observer's Excellent article.


Now I have a reason to go to England!

In light of all the tragic events ( the Iraq madness,the Virginia Tech madness & the death of Sludgie the whale, may you rest in peace, poor lost thing)this week, here is a little feel good story from me to you.
Charles Dickens theme park set to open....
Dickens World,


Friends & Residents of Greater Gowanus Meeting Monday April 16th.

Here's some info passed on from "Friends of Bond Street"

"The FROGG meeting is Monday April 16, at 6:30 in the Old Can Factory on 3rd and 3rd.
They plan on having a strategy session for the meeting that is happening on the 19th.
I think both meetings are important and should be well attended.

The Community Board 6 meeting is happening on Thursday, April 19 at 6:00 to be held at P.S. 32 at 317 Hoyt Street (brwn Union and President.)

As a separate group—Friends of Bond Street—we will be going to City Planning ourselves, to voice our concerns for the neighborhood, specifically Bond Street. I will plan on setting this meeting up for sometime after April 19 meeting."


Slightly happier.....

Just to follow up on the dark thoughts that my Saturday walk on Smith Street caused. Later on I went for a bike ride up to Prospect Park, being in that park caused me to think again about fleeing Brooklyn in disgust. The parks in Queens suck! Flushing Meadow is flat and doesn't offer much shade in the summer. Plus I have childhood memories of that park and none of them are too fond!

I found this book on Carroll Street. "Catherine the Great" by Katherine Anthony published in 1925. Joyce Hanson of Badgirl Blog called Catherine the Great the "original cougar", check it out! Anyway the book is in lovely condition and someone named "Lilia Johnson" signed her name with the date 1928 on the first page.When I originally started this blog I had plans on recording all the great street finds I find here in Brooklyn, hence the name of the blog. The pressure of sticking to one topic isn't something I have the energy to do right now but it will still happen in spurts I am sure.

Dark rant on a beautiful day.

Went out for a walk today. It was a lovely Saturday, the Magnolia trees were blooming, the daffodils are out and amidst all this are posters about all the different community groups meeting or for protests going on in the area. It's really depressing, I mean why all at once and all of a sudden? Coney Island, the Atlantic Yards, the Gowanus, all areas where the residents are being overlooked and trampled upon. Meanwhile on Smith Street I noticed an EXTREME amount of well heeled couples pushing strollers with their well heeled friends also pushing strollers looking to have brunch. It was really noticable, the MONEY these people have! Nannies day off, let's put on our "casual" trendy duds and have brunch with Biff and his wife. After brunch the wives can pick up a few frocks at "Bird" or "Dear Feildbinder" (one of THE most pretentious names for a store on Smith Street!i think there used to be a Botanica at that location, for some reason the old spanish man who owned the store also sold glitter?!). I wished they all stayed in Manhattan. I mean Park Slope is annoying but at least the parents aren't wearing Stella McCartney (not that i am a fan of Park Slope fleece fashion but at least it's more kid friendly!) It just makes Brooklyn so much less appealing to me. It makes me honestly sick. So sick, that I am considering of leaving Brooklyn. Suddenly Queens and the Bronx appeals to me, who would of thought? It feels like NY there. It really doesn't feel like NY here anymore. If feels like an ad in a fashion magazine simulating what NY is supposed to be like.


Sweet Relief.......

I guess it's true about what people say about "putting it out into the universe" because after posting my plea for work (see below) I got a call for an interview AND for a job on the SAME day! Thank you universe!!!!!!!!!!!! What's the Elvis connection? I can now go ahead with my planned trip to Memphis in May where I will be fulfilling a life long dream of seeing Graceland while staying at the motel with the guitar shaped swimming pool!

Some would say I have simple dreams.

P.S- You don't need to go to Memphis for Elvis kitsch, you can play this fab pinball machine right here in Brooklyn at the Magnetic Field Cocktail Lounge!


Springtime in Manhattan.......

Slightly more sophisticated than the ones in here in Brooklyn, the springtime window display at one of my least favorite stores (MACY'S) in one of my least favorite places (Herald Square) are (to the dismay of my punk rock anti-corporate heart) a knockout! I have dabbled in the past as a "Window Dresser" and as a Florist (and as a Scenic Artist, and as a Textile Designer, and as a Special Events Designer.... I am currently underemployed, any leads out there? I also type 55 words per minute (just tested at an agency!) and am open to almost any sort of employment right now. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated!
Photos taken with a camera phone.