Found in Coney Island...

My eagle eye found this golden plaster elephant in a shadowy alley in Coney Island last Friday night. I would love to know where it came from. The elephant was double sided and had tusks and jewels. It was broken off of something. From a ride? From a fortune tellers lamp? All I know is that it was very Aladdin like. Elephants are supposed to bring good luck, so I made a wish and left it where I found it. The next day when I passed by, it was gone.

Michael Jackson Birthday in Prospect Park

You can't really tell but there was a group of completely random people doing the "Thriller" dance routine in this photo.Scene from the Michael Jackson birthday party in Prospect Park
F.I.B has been entertaining visitors from another continent for the past week. At first we went into Manhattan and did the usual touristy things but they were cool enough to realize that Brooklyn was way more interesting and man was I glad! Anyway, normally I would not of gone to this event, because I felt that Michael Jackson was such a tragic figure. Going to this event blew my mind cause it put everything into perspective.

We walked into the Nethermead Meadow when my favorite Jackson 5 song, "Stop (the life you save may be your own")was blasting over the excellent sound system and my cynicism left me immediately. As a child of the 70's I watched all the variety shows and especially the Jackson 5 cartoon every Saturday morning. My childhood memories and the brilliance of this song and then the thoughts about how tough is must of been for him to be a star from such a young age were swarming around in my brain.

To walk into a middle of one of the most beautiful parks in the world, amongst the most beautiful people in the world (Brooklynites!)on a picture perfect summer day was like a dream. My friend from the continent (OK, England.) was shocked that people were so high without alcohol...maybe that came later, I heard Snoop Dog showed up but the time we were there from about 1 to 3:30 was all peace, love and grooviness. Happiness and great dancers abounded.

You know, I don't have any money. I am not a brownstone brooklyner. I am unemployed at the moment without the benefit of unemployment insurance. I am selling things I find on the street on Etsy and ebay. I guess the best thing I have in my life right now is that I live in one of the greatest places in the world. This summer, one of the hottest I can remember since the 1980's has been really good. I did nothing but free things and have spent alot of time at the beaches. When I showed my friend around, I kept running into people I knew in random places and my friend kept saying that people seemed "free" here. Maybe she just had her vacation goggles on, but, I think she is probably right.

P.S- F.I.B just got her NY State Art Teaching certification (K-12)in the midst of a hiring freeze (no thanks to Bloomberg). If anyone has job leads at charter or private schools, please send them my way!


Mention F.I.B-pay only $6.50 at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema!

Skip the corporate multiplex and support a fine local independently run movie theater that is feeling a little neglected lately because the Brooklyn Heights Cinema has extended an amazing discount on admission to Found in Brooklyn readers.

Just tell the person manning the ticket booth that you heard about this on Found in Brooklyn and you will only have to pay $6.50 instead of $10.00!!! The email from them says and I am quoting "anyone who is referred by your blog gets tickets for 6.50$ -- any show, anytime, any day. All they need to do is mention that they got this from your site."

Your patronage will help to keep this local business which is supportive to local filmmakers (they recently hosted the Brooklyn Film Fesival) alive! So go! And buy some popcorn while your at it!

Brooklyn Heights Cinema
70 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY tel: 718.596.7070
Subway: A/C to High Street or 2/3 to Clark Street


Joseph Mariano Paintings on view at The Fall Cafe

The Gowanus Canal

Joseph Mariano, a local Gowanus artist will have his work hanging at the Fall Cafe starting Friday. The show will be up until September 28th. Joseph likes to paint en plein air , meaning in the open air and I often see him riding his bike near the canal on route to paint. Although he is a Gowanus resident, I know that he also ventures to other urban natural spots like the Jamaica Bay area. Anyway, Mr. Mariano's paintings are quite delightful, so go check them out at Smith's Street only non commercial coffee house.

The Fall Cafe is located at 307 Smith Street between President & Union.


Found in Long Island City

Not sure if this is an art project being that I spotted it in the "arty" area of L.I.C...but this shawl, poncho or whatever sure looked nice in that Tree of Heaven


Closing Party at We-Are-Familia Pop Up Gallery * Friday

I received this from the people at We-Are-Famila who have been holding art shows in a pop-up gallery on Atlantic Avenue for the past few months. What is a pop-up gallery? Its a gallery in an unused store front, that's what! Anyway, they are holding a closing party for their latest exhibit showing the art of Jacob Williams.

From the press release:

Please join us for the closing of a solo exhibition featuring sculpture and collage by Jacob Williams. Williams, who has exhibited with Deitch Projects and the former Diesel Denim Gallery lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Using traditional figures, iconic imagery, anime and cartoon characters; his work reflects and celebrates the strangeness and extremes of the human spirit.

We-Are-Familia POP UP! Gallery and Event Space
539 Atlantic Avenue (between 3rd & 4th Ave)

Friday the 13th

7 to 10 PM



Wednesday Night Flick on Tanker in Red Hook*Ferry Tales*

Last week I had the pleasure of finally seeing that movie made in 1998 about the Gowanus Canal, Lavender Lake. I saw it in one of the most amazing and appropriate settings, on the deck of tanker, Marie Whelan, docked down in Red Hook. The event was hosted by Portside, New York. First off, I would like to comment on the movie. It was very well made and as a Gowanus resident it was fascinating. It was basically about the history of the canal and about well known Carroll Gardens resident and local funeral home owner Buddy Scotto's personal crusade to clean the canal and about his vision to turn it into the next San Antonio "River Walk". Buddy seemed sincere, although he mentioned "development" a lot. It is sort of shocking 12 years later that when people (the EPA) have stepped in to sincerely clean the canal, he took the side of the Toll Brothers and the city...but that's ancient history!

This week's tankerFlick is Ferry Tales. Sounds like fun!

The details:

"Hop aboard the Mary A. Whalen for the screening of Ferry Tales, the 2003 documentary nominated for an Academy award in 2004 A film by director Katja Esson, Ferry Tales takes place in the Ladies Powder Room of the Staten Island Ferry. It is a sneak peek into a culture that only happens 30 minutes a day in the women's bathroom….a place where no men are allowed. As they put on their make-up, they are transformed from housewives to businesswomen, from mothers to lawyers, from sisters to socialites. The women who step inside this room leave their race, social status and net worth at the door, sharing their most intimate secrets, solving each other’s problems or just dishing up the latest ferry gossip. What starts as funny anecdotes turns into a deep and moving account as these women, one by one, draw each other out, solve one another's problems and dish up the latest ferry gossip. "

Seating will begin at 8:30, and the movie will start at 9.

Printed Tickets are not mandatory, though reserving a ticket online is preferred.

Click here to reserve.

PS- When I went last week the first 40 people got a free beer. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink as well. The setting is fantastic. The skyline, the Statue of Liberty, an old tanker, the moonlight...a truly unique experience.

Where? Pier 11, Atlantic Basin, Red Hook (Pedestrian entrance at Pioneer & Conover)

Check out other events at Portside New York here



Gowanus News: F.R.O.G.G Receives TAG Grant from E.P.A

F.I.B would like to congratulate F.R.O.G.G (Friends & Residents of the Greater Gowanus)on being awarded the Technical Assistant Grant from the E.P.A! F.R.O.G.G has tirelessly worked for years fighting for the environmental rights of the Gowanus Canal with absolutely no commercial interests whatsoever. I would like to think that their concerns and tenacity were the force field that suddenly brought the E.P.A's attention to the Gowanus Canal and the subsequent Superfund nomination which became a reality. Unlike other groups whose affiliation with the canal and whose priorities seemed to be tied with "development", F.R.O.G.G's has always been about clean water and clean land. That's it. Pure and simple.

The T.A.G grant was conceived in 1980 when Congress wanted to ensure that the people whose lives were affected by abandoned hazardous wastes would have a say in actions to clean them up. This grant means that F.R.O.G.G will sort of be the go between the EPA during the Superfund process and the community. All I can say is that the E.P.A chose the right people for the job. F.R.O.G.G is and always have been completely transparent and actually live in the neighborhood that they serve.

I have been to F.R.O.G.G. meetings and I can tell you that no decision is ever made without the mutual concent of all members and I am absolutely positive that this will remain their modus operandi when working with the community during the Gowanus Canal clean up.

Viva la F.R.O.G.G!


Chuckie Takes a Ride


Ponderosa Stompin'

F.I.B checked out the Ponderosa Stomp Detroit Breakdown on Saturday and got re-baptised by some fine american rock and roll. All of these originators still got their mojos working. Who did I see? 60's Girl group, The Velvelettes (Needle in a Haystack, Really Sayin' Something), mid 80's punk garage, The Gories (Nytroglycerin), 60's Farfisa Godz, ? & the Mysterians (96 Tears), Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels (Sock it to me baby, Devil with the blue dress but his gimmee shelter medley was a real downer i have to say..featuring a piano AND a drum solo that seemed to go on for hours) and a "pre-punk" metal trio from the early 70's called Death who were a real treat to hear. A big highlight was a surprise appearance by the lengendary Ronnie Spector! Here she is joining ? on "96 Tears"!

Hey Hey here are the Gories!