Gibby Haynes & Joe Wenderoth at Issue Project Room July 3rd @ 8pm.

I seem to be doing nothing but event announcements here...whatever happened to stuff I find on the street?! I actually found a working air conditioner today, so there!

Anyway. Todays announcement is for a POETRY reading. My roomie from last summer, Ben, knows poet Joe Wenderoth from Minnesota, he is best known for his book of poems called "Letters to Wendy's". Gibby Haynes is somewhat of a renaissance man who is probrably best known for being in the Butthole Surfers. He has collaborated with many including John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and Johnny Depp, to name only the biggest two. I remember seeing "The Butthole Surfers" at Danceteria back in thee olden days, an acid trip that you didn't need to take acid to experience, intense is too mild a word, that was in his clothespins on the nipples period, two insane drummers,fire,showering the audience with little printed cockroaches ...anyway I digress, I imagine Tuesday night will be a bit calmer. Here is the blurb my friend Ben sent me via Joe Wenderoth long distance:

Gibby Haynes (butthole surfers dude) and I will be doing a collaborative performance in the issue project room series in Brooklyn on july 3rd at 8pm. If you know any folks who might be interested and in that area, please let them know. I took this on sort of late and would appreciate help in alerting anyone who might want a go.

Issue Project Room is now located at "The Old American Can Factory" at Third Avenue and 3rd Street.

Reading starts at 8pm.
10 bucks.


Like Bo Diddley? GO to Don Pedro's tonite!

I have been hearing great things about Don Pedro's Bar in "east" williamsburg, it has been becoming a popular garage/punk venue as of late, it's very close to Crypt Records. The usual cast of music aficionados will be spinning. Here's the deal: Top DJ's spin Bo Diddley records, cover versions of Bo Diddley records and anything with the Bo beat (with the exception of "Faith" by George Michaels)!
Record Slinger Line Up:
Billy Miller and Miriam Linna(Norton Records)
Tim Warren(Crypt Records)
Todd-o-Phonic(Telstar Records)
Dave The Spazz(WFMU- Music To Spazz By)
Rex Doane(WFMU- Fool's Paradise)
Andy Maltz(Little Killers/ Underthings)
Bazooka Joe aka Joe Diddley(The Thing With Two Heads)

Honoring Bo Diddley all night long!

Don Pedro's is at 90 Manhattan Ave @ McKibbin.



Surreal experience on Hoyt Street. Surreal band on Sunday.

OK so I kind of had a bad day today. Lots of personal stuff had me feeling down. Work. Relationships. You name it. It all sucked. So, I take the train home and can't help but notice one of my all time idols of all time, Jim Jarmusch is on the F train, so I play it cool and as the true NYer that I am... ignore him. Through the years I've seen him in bars, at art openings, seeing bands....but, but, (this is a few minutes later) NEVER on Hoyt Street asking me for directions! O.K I'm a star struck girl here, he was looking like JIM JARMUSCH, silver pompadour, baby face & cool 40's shirt...made my day or shall I say my night. He was on his way to that place (Issue Project Room) with the silo on Carroll St. by the canal which as of Sunday will be called "The Yard".

So on Sunday at "The Yard" (formerly "Issue Project Room")a band all the way from France is playing called Babylon Circus along with Wax Poetic.

The Yard is located at 400 Carroll Street between the canal and Bond St.
Gates open at 3pm.

This is what the people at the Yard have to say about what is upcoming:

I wanted to let you know about a new venue we're opening July 1 on the Gowanus. We're calling it the yard, its a beautiful outdoor space on the water where we've planned a film andconcert series series. There is also a silo on the property in which we're curating small music & art shows. The land is destined to become condos in a few years, but before that happens we'd like to make the most of it to create a new music and art destination in the neighborhood.

It all sound great except that bit about "the land is destined to become condos..."

Check it out before it gets plowed down.

The latest Carroll Gardens activism in a nutshell.

I received an email from CORD this morning about their progress on the petition against the potential building on 360 Smith Street. I was also told that someone has posted tiny pamphlets to the trees at the Carroll St. station. If I wasn't alerted to this my uncaffeinated self would of sleep walked right on by them. A lot of time and care were put into these little three fold pamphlets put out by another new Carroll Gardens activist group "The Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Squirrel Association". Will the powers that be take a squirrel seriously? Read below what CORD's take is on it.
Here is an update from CORD:

"So far our petition has generated 7oo signature in under a week! (on-line and off-line combined)...please continue to spread the word! Thank you Thank you!....and now.....If anyone wants to help us/volunteer to make signs or collect sigs they can email us at the blogsite (where they can also sign the petition)and now,here's a little story i will call "just plain nuts"...Someone has posted tiny fliers on the trees at the 'endangered" subway plaza (F train at Carroll St) at the site of the proposed development: 360 Smith Street.While you can magnify the text in the pics i will also write some of it here:inside it reads: "We've been handed our eviction notice! Soon all the trees that have been our homes will be chopped down to make room for a 70' tall building. Let your chirping be heard and help preserve the character of this neighborhood we all love! Under that it says: Just have a human sign this, put it in a stamped envelope and address it to:
Ms. Amanda Burden, Chair
NYC Department of City Planning
22 Reade St.
NY, NY 10007-1216

Dear Ms. Burden:

On behalf of all the squirrels of Carroll Gardens, we need your help to preserve our beloved neighborhood. It is nuts to build a 70' tall building at 360 Smith St. and 2nd Place. 2nd Place is a lovely brownstone street with 35' deep front gardens decorated with flowers, statues and fountains.The proposed Scarano building would stick out like a sore paw! The
developer is exploiting a loophole in the zoning law that is unique to Carroll Gardens. He can build a bigger because 2nd Place is technically a "wide" street due to the deep front gardens. (The developer is also allowed to claim the new private school which is built on an adjacent portion of his property is a "community facility" to gain more square footage for his proposed new building. Cord) Though it may be in the letter of the law, it is surely not in the spirit of the law. Don't let this happen on your watch! We respectfully request a moratorium on all new construction over 50' tall in Carroll Gardens until this issue can be properly addressed.

Sincerely, XXXXX"

on the back it says "c. 2007 Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Squirrel
Association (CGNSA)" on the front it says: "Squirrels Unite! All the trees on this plaza will soon be cut down...Don't be left out in the cold this winter with no place to store your nuts!"

The CORD blog has also picked up this story and is advising petition signers and readers that they"can also e-mail Ms. Burden. Go to this link:
Limit your email to 150 words or less"


Found in Brooklyn

I'm just musing here...has anybody noticed that almost the entire block on Bond Street between 2nd & 3rd Streets is for sale all of a sudden? Both sides of the street! I know that the corner building (Bond & 2nd) was architecturally unsound, friends of mine were forced to move out of that building for that reason about 10 years ago. The floors were completely slanted. It was sinking. They said that the building was in danger of collapsing. Then it looked like they put some sort of support beams in and new people moved in. I guess who ever owns those building's knows that it probrably the right time to cash out on them as I heard that "luxury brownstone" style buildings will be built on that vacant corner. Question, why are all condos "luxury", is it mandatory that those two words go together? What makes them so "luxurious"? Do they have saunas, hot tubs, maids, nanny's,elaborate security systems what?! Those luxury condos or whatever are going to be right smack in the middle of traffic going to and from the new Whole Foods. Bond Street is going to become very busy once that is built. That is if they ever clean up the toxic waste dump that it is going to be sitting on!


Joan Jett & the Blackhearts * Free Show Thursday at the Hudson River Piers

I went to a high school that actually DISCOURAGED me to go to college! I remember going to the guidance counselor and she was pointing me in the direction of "trade school". Maybe it was because I usually failed my math & science finals and had to go to summer school. I dunno, I do know that I always did great in art(and english)so it was logical for me to try and do something with that. At the time (1981) Graphic Design was called "advertising art" actually I didn't even know what it was but I did know that I had to make a living somehow, the concept of just painting or creating art was a foreign concept! Anyway,so I find out that in order to get into an "advertising art" program I have to show a "portfolio". What's a portfolio? In retrospect I can really look back at my art teachers and say that they were completely self involved and really didn't give a crap about their students. I figured out what a portfolio was on my own. I did 18 x 24 charcoal drawings of all my favorite rock stars, Joan Jett was among them, I also drew Richard Butler from the Psychedelic Furs and Joe Strummer from the Clash. In addition I did a woodcut of Johnny Lydon (aka Rotten) playing the fiddle with flames behind him (this one actually won an award in a high school art competition!)and a silk screen of the Ramones. Well, I could go on about the uselessness of the adult population in my high school but that is not the point of this post.

Despite the fact that I was compelled to do a portrait of Queen Joan, I have NEVER seen her live. I will on Thursday night at the Hudson River Piers at West 13th Street or thereabouts. I would of posted a current picture but I am saddened by the fact that she has gotten "work" done and looks like a cross between Courtney Love and Steven Tyler, WHY Joan? WHY? I know (well I've HEARD, I never seen her live) that she still rocks the socks off the kids more than half her age so I will forgive her....


Sign the Carroll Gardens Petition Now!

As I said before, people in Carroll Gardens are pissed off! If you take the subway from the Carroll St. station you should know what I am talking about. The threat of large buildings in the historic brownstone area are looming and residents are making sure their voices are heard via this petition. Also, read more on the story on The Gowanus Lounge and also at the new blog that the neighborhood group has started that focuses on this hot issue.


Mermaid Parade 2007 was Mah-va-lous dahling!!!

This was definitely THE biggest Mermaid Parade I have ever attended in all the many years I've been going. It was great to see that so many people came out to show love for this truly special place.The parade has come a long way from when the classic cars were allowed on the boardwalk and it was pretty easy to get a good viewing spot! Getting a good spot to view was bit of a problem. I did get there early but lost time trying to hook up with friends, I ultimately gave up and had a good time on my own having the freedom to check out the parade from all different areas. M.C. Chris T. (some Rock & Roll trivia on Chris...he used to be in a popular NYC hardcore punk band from the early 80's "the Nihilistics" and also the East Village band "Missing Foundation"! He's come along way from performing "Kill Yourself"!) did a great job entertaining the crowd with a running commentary on all the paraders. The creativity and good spirit of the parade was really something else. The only dark cloud was when Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz went by on a float spouting some his typical rhetoric. I became possessed and started heckling him much to the annoyance to people standing near me (sorry i couldn't help it!.) Funny thing is I used to think Marty was cute now I wish he would just GO AWAY!!!!! Here's a few pictures, I actually didn't take many, I get sensory overload sometimes and shut down!Flicker has a gizillion images up already, here is my 2 cents worth...Elvis is everywhere.Pimped out mirrored garbage truck makes it's way up Surf Avenue.
The Queen of the parade this year was actress, Patti D'arbanville.
There were alot of politics in the parade this year (as well there should!) The best political one was the one mocking Thor equities with a guy dressed like Thor, sorry no picture!"BUMP BUMP BUMP YOUR ASS OFF!!" A Coney Island Landmark! Let's see Sitt come up with something as Brooklyn as that!

The boardwalk at 6pm.


Stop the world I want to get off (1)

Well, maybe the streets will be a little emptier.


Mermaid Parade this Saturday.

The Mermaid Parade is happening Saturday June 23rd at 2pm. It's the 25th Anniversary of the parade and it's coinciding with the last year of Coney Island before it turns into Joe Sitt's version of Xanadu.

I was recently thinking about the time I decided to be a participant rather than an observer of the parade. The first Mermaid Parade I went to to was in 1990,the reason I know this is because it was the summer of "Dart Man". Some guy was shooting darts during lunch hour in midtown into the "posteriors" (that was the word the papers used) of woman on their lunch hour.It was a great headline story for the NY Post. I was living in Astoria and a friend and I took the loooonnnnngggg subway ride out to Coney. Anyway, the year I decided to be IN the parade was the year 2000.

I was married at the time and my husband who had a fantastic imagination, would always comment on the name "Harry Van Arsdale Jr." every time we went past the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. exit on the Grand Central. In his mind, Harry Van Arsdale Jr. was an ascot wearing, martini drinking bon vivant who welcomed all the new Queens arrivals with a fresh martini. He was pro immigration. He knew that anyone who moved to Queens worked hard and deserved to relax and live the American Dream, as our families both did. "Welcome to Queens and join us for Happy Hour!"(I am not lying about this!) Hubby would be in Harry Van Arsdale character from that exit until at least we hit the Koskuisko Bridge. Somehow we came up with a plan that Harry would spread his good cheer to Brooklyn with a bunch of mermaids, me being one of them. Our theme developed as a good friend that got the whole Harry Van Arsdale concept decided to join us as -drum roll- Major. Deegan (Harry's arch nemesis). Never mind that the two had absolutely nothing to do with each other in their actual lives. Harry Van Arsdale was actually a tough guy labor leader and Deegan was a tough guy Commisioner of Housing. One was from Queens the other from the Bronx (just like my parents!). It sounded good to us.

Harry Van Arsdale's outfit was basically this; a preppy looking pinstriped button down shirt, an ascot, bermuda shorts, a captain's hat, black socks w/wingtips and of course, a shaker full of martini's (being that it was Mermaid Day this was not a prop). My downstairs neighbor wanted to join us. He showed up at our door painted green. "And you are?" he lit up a cigar and told us he was a frog, like the gangster frog that sounded like Edward G. Robinson from that old cartoon, "Couragious Cat & Minute Mouse". Sure why not. So Frog had a car and we drove to Coney Island, he dropped us off and looked for parking, he ended up having to park all the way around Avenue Y and had to walk through the neighborhood alone with green face paint on (another story and the beginning of my "Warrior's 3" screenplay.) So anyway, nobody got our concept, everyone kept saying "Look! It's Thurston Howell!" Here's a tip, if you are ever in the parade or any parade, you MUST have a shtick that people can understand! I think music is the best shtick around, thank god I had the forethought to bring a water pistol as the mere spritz of water on the watching crowd generated a huge reaction, it was ridiculous, i mean people screamed like I had actually done something. I felt like a rock star, but then I ran out of water and I lost my shtick!

So shtick or no shtick, everyone should go this year, I admit there were a couple years I didn't go, like the year they first got corporate sponsorship (you would think at my age I would get over hating "the man" but I can't seem to shake it!) or when it rained but no matter what go this year. It's the last year before the reconstruction and who knows what state Coney will be in next summer. I know the "Save Coney Island" group has an elaborate dance routine in store choreographed by Miss. Cyclone 2007/ Burlesque performer Angie Potani and there will be lots of glamourous nautical themed creatures hamming it up...so go have fun and check out the Mermaid Ball at the historic "Child's Restaurant" on the boardwalk later on.(and tell them Harry sent ya)

P.S- I dedicate this photo to my friend Michael Oppedisano who passed away in 2001 and was my Coney Island beach buddy. I took this picture a month after he passed on after the parade and always felt he made me take this shot. The guy with the wings looks just like him.


Chelsea Hotel Homogenized.

I just found out about this, this is so sad. Stanley Bard the manager of the Chelsea Hotel, who has worked there for 50 years has been forced out by the Board of Directors.I had a p/t job at the Chelsea Hotel in the mid 1980's and remember Stanley fondly. NYC is really becoming land of the bland fast and furiously. Today is his last day, read his thoughts here. I don't even want to get into who is doing it, I leave that to the real estate blogs(ie:enablers).

F.R.O.G.G Meeting Tonight

Just passing on the word here... F.R.O.G.G.(Friends and residents of the Greater Gowanus) are having a General FROGG meeting tonight.
Monday, June 18, 6:30
268 Smith Street at Smith and Vine in their Tasting room

(not sure if wine will be served-F.O.B)



Pizza Profiteering?

Once again, Ariella Cohen of the Brooklyn Paper has her finger on the pulse of what is an important neighborhood issue. Pizza! She has written a breaking story about the possiblity of Sal's Pizza on Court Street raising it's slice price to $3.00! Myself, I am loyal to Giardini's on Smith and 2nd Street where you get a slice that will sustain you for $2.00. Sal's? I like the thin crust but I have always found the size to be more of a "snack slice" you need two slices to fill you. $3.00 is a bit much, with a soda you are in almost 5 bucks. Read here for more on this controversy!


More Soul in Brooklyn. Tonight.

My Memphis hangover continues...although these guys are from Florida/Alabama way.

Clarence Reid (alter ego "BlowFly")
Roscoe Robinson
Ralph "Soul" Jackson
at Southpaw - 5th Avenue & St.John's Place

sashay on by........


Carroll Gardens Meeting Recap Part 2

Here is a very informative post about what is going on in the Gowanus and with the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, an excellent well researched piece (and it's written by a woman! BIG wink!) Read on...........
Pardon Me For Asking

Memphis Soul in NYC

Tons of great free music this summer.
Check this one out......Stax house band Booker T & The MG's with "Queen of Funk" Sharon Jones.
Wednesday June 13th at 7pm.
Rockefeller Park is on the west end of Murray Street.
Thursday-Downtown Brooklyn-MetroTech Plaza at noon.


Carroll Gardens Meeting recap

This is my interpretation, in basic basic terms. Well as far as that building 350 Smith over by the subway is concerned, the Carroll Gardens District is "on the que" to speak to the city about it, apparantly the process could take five years unless they find a way to speed up the process. Anything the property owner wants can be built in the mean time. There ARE building codes as far as height and how much can be extended out in order not to block sunlight BUT this guy (Scarano) has been known to skirt those things. They want to see if they could tie in with the Gowanus rezoning area to see if they can speak to the powers that be quicker. The meeting was very civilized, as I was leaving a woman from Channel 12 stopped me and asked me if I could comment on what my concerns are. The woman sitting behind the desk at the funeral home interupts and says, "Don't you want to speak to a MAN!" Ha ha ha ha.....lady you cracked me up!


I've had some requests for more Memphis photos, well since I forgot my charger I was strictly disposable on my pilgrimage and guess what? Hardly anything came out! Here is that pool I was talkin' about, the motel I stayed at even though it was a chain, The Day's Inn, was a freakshow and I felt right at home. There were rockabilly couples well into their 60's from Europe, couples that looked sort of Elvis and Priscilla like and there was even actress, Suzanna Leigh, who was in one of Elvis's movies ("Paradise: Hawaiian Style") hawking her self published book at breakfast, for $45.00 you could buy her book AND a picture with her AND a cardboard cutout of Elvis. Here is a quote from Ms. Leigh:
"Elvis' kisses held an intensity that melted my very being. I slipped my arms around his neck and our bodies entwined. This was all madness, but we didn't stop. A person could go to the gallows with such a kiss lingering on their lips, knowing life had been good."
Life is all good for her 'cause she kissed the King! I kissed Joe Strummer once (that's ALL that happened so stop thinking those thoughts right now!) and I have to say my head was spinning for a couple days. That could ME in a few years, I could write a book about the night I met Joe Strummer in a bar in the East Village at three in the morning, I have to get working on that cardboard cutout!
This is another photo that came out only because it was outside, Elvis ate here and he had his own private booth for him and his "Memphis Mafia". It was really cool inside, they didn't seem to change much. I actually ate a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich (Elvis's favorite) at the wedding I went to and as a vegetarian I found it too be quite delicious, full of protein and potassium too!.This where it all ends. I have to say Graceland was quite small, I had this vision of a huge mansion with enormous unpenetratable gates. His house is the size of a McMansion in Long Island or New Jersey, the gates are only about 7 feet tall. There is a wall outside the house completely covered with grafitti odes to Elvis.The interior of the house was a 70's time capsule, shag carpeting. mirrors, TV sets and ashtrays everywhere, I have to say although it is a huge tourist attraction, they run the operation in a very respectful downhome manner, I definitely dug it!


Two Carroll Gardens area meetings on the same night

People are pissed off in Carroll Gardens. The Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association is having a meeting Monday night at Scotto's Funeral home on 1rst Place and Court Street AND new local group "Friends of Bond" are meeting on the same night at Proteus Gowanus on the other side of the canal.The meeting at Scotto's is sure to be a scene as the possibilty of a building built by Scarano Architects at the Carroll Street train station is the hot issue of the day. Which one to go to? A tough one. My decision is being made only by the fact that I can't make it to the F.O.B one by 6pm. The meeting at Scotto's starts at 7:30. If you are ambitious and have the time you can go to both! ( I really wish that neither was necessary or happening and I was writing about the great dress I found in the garbage or deciding which band to see but that ain't happening these days...) Read below the email I received regarding what is on "Friends of Bonds" agenda for Monday night.

Come to our next meeting this coming Monday.
Monday, June 11
Proteus Gowanus
543 Union Street @ Nevins Street gate.

Agenda to include:
Upcoming meeting with deBlasio office
Upcoming meeting with City Planning
Enlarging our mailing list
General updates

If you live in or around Bond Street
Pass the word
Bring a friend.



Protest Wednesday afternoon at 12:30

If you are able to make it to the Carroll St. train station area Wednesday afternoon there will be a public protest headed up by Councilmember BIll de Blasio against the construction of a large building on the vacant lot by the man who has brought you this:and also this :As you can tell the man does not have a delicate hand. He is fond of metal and tiny windows and the projects I have shown you have been sitting like this for many many months. The big worries are he tends to build too largely on small parcels of land and also builds rather shoddily and uglily. Also he wants the building to extend out onto the subway plaza. (Can't wait until the entire neighborhood has to crowd into the President St. end during rush hour while construction is being done, yipppeee!)There are many more factoids about why it is wrong, I leave that to the experts. I for one am not against building, it's just got to not be ugly and be somewhat affordable (yeah keep dreaming). I give you the official press release:

Release from Bill De Blasio's Office:
Join Councilmember Bill de Blasio and Stand up Against Illegal Construction!
Wednesday June 4, 2007
12:30 PM
In front of Robert Scarano’s latest project
360 Smith Street, Brooklyn.

What we want:
We want Robert Scarano and any other architect, developer or contractor working in this city to know they must be held accountable for their actions. Anyone who violates zoning codes, building codes and practices unsafe construction is not wanted in our neighborhood!
The New York City Department of Buildings has already relieved Scarano of his self-certification. Now we are calling on the New York State Department of Education to strip Robert Scarano of his architecture license.
Power in Numbers! We must show that we will no longer tolerate this abuse!

Councilmember Bill de Blasio 2907 Ft. Hamilton Parkway (718) 854-9791

I'm confused-Is there a Toll ahead?

Last week I read on the Gowanus Lounge that someone put a sign "Toll Ahead" on the corner of 1rst Street and Bond Street, when I walked by it the same night I noticed that someone had hastily spray painted it with rustoleum. I figured the person who put up was a graphic designer type into subtle double ententres and the person who sprayed it out was working for Toll or or one of the other developers around these days. Tonight I was riding back from the park (which was really lush and luuuvvly this evening) and I took a turn down the alley. Well, they don't like "art" either.
They sprayed out the face on this piece by Teo.and sprayed out some of this one too. (Who is this artist? I know it's not Swoon, right, it's like her in scale, in body but not color and the nose & flower ain't her, but I could be wrong) The funny thing was when I was snapping a picture of the sign, one of those well heeled Smith St. type couples (that I love so well, I like to call them "Biff & Muffy")strolled by walking a dog , the boyfriend/husband said very sarcastically "artists".
Maybe HE did it!

Corporate Rock in the (coffee) House!!!!!!!

One more good reason to stay away from Starbucks's today:
They are playing Paul McCartney's new album over and over and over and over and over until the clock strikes 12 (as in midnight).