Gowanus After the Rains.

You might think this a french impressionist painting ala Monet but NO it's really an exceptionally huge hunk of raw sewage drifting down the Gowanus Canal. As our current weather patterns make it clearly apparant here and everywhere, global warming is upon us. More Rain = More Sewage. * Toll Brothers take note! *Also found along the canal, an uber trendy Badgley Mischka stretch metal couture belt. I wonder what the story is behind this being left here. Disco Reveler from the Yard perhaps?


Forever Chasing Rainbows.

Images in the sky are much brighter than they appear.
So, after putting up that slightly melancholy, "the worlds beatin' me up, ma" post, I went outside and got caught in that massive rain shower with the thunder and lightening. While waiting it out under an awning on Smith Street, a woman with a cane (ALWAYS a prophetic sign!) said to me ,"This is the type of rain that brings out rainbows." And sure enough it did and it was a massive stunner. I let everyone I saw walking in the opposite direction with their back to it know it was there. The only one that didn't react with "OH MY GOD!!!" was the big bald motorcycle mechanic dude on Carroll Street who just grunted at me. Anyway, sorry to say that the brightest shot has this postmodern sculpture/architectural monstrosity that nobody ever wanted in the neighborhood, that is NOBODY'S pot of gold.Hope y'all saw it and made your wishes!

This is REALLY geeky but I had was wondering about What makes a rainbow? after that, something most kids probrably know by the age of 10!

Found in Downtown Brooklyn

Some much needed encouragement..


Found on Roebling Street

This was found after attending Joe's opening on Roebling Street in Williamsburg. Friend M (see feet below) bonded with this painting of a mysterious woman about to board a train as she is a woman who loves to travel and dress well herself. She lugged it around with us all night before deciding that someone else can have amd left it on the corner near the subway at Metropolitan Avenue. Anybody see it?


Joseph Heidecker Art in Williamsburg.

Artist and old friend (25 years and going strong!) Joseph Heidecker is in a group show in Williamsburg at the Like The Spice Gallery. The show curated by Dylan Peet is entitled "After it All: Gay Directions in New Art". I went to the opening last Friday and saw a lot of excellent work from all in the show. Do check it out! Joe's art is mostly made from found street objects and findings from garage sales. I understand where this is coming from, I grew up with the artist!

I often credit Joe as my mentor who introduced me to the Salvation Army and Danceteria in the early 80's at a young and tender age. His parties were legendary (probrably because he built a go-go cage in his livingroom and also 'cause his older brothers whom he lived with allowed us young 'uns to listen to the Plasmatics and Black Flag and smash bottles into the fireplace!). My parents were always like "we want to meet this guy Joe you're always staying out too late with!" We still have a lot of fun, although we don't need to break bottles anymore and Joe has gone on from being a cafeteria worker in a community college to a world class artist and illustrator. Click here to view his other work. He also makes fab collages and furniture in which found photos play a huge role. Although many find Joe's work very subversive, which it is indeed, I also see Joe's wonderful sense of humor shining through it all. Go see for yourself!

Like The Spice Gallery is located at 224 Roebling Street near South 2nd in Wiliamsburg. The show is up until July 6th.


Save Coney Island!

After all my build up I could not make in out in time for the 6pm scoping meeting tonight at Lincoln High regarding the fate of the development of Coney Island. I later watched the NY network news cover the story with (their) laughter and indifference. I guess they are looking foward to buying some Nikes and getting on the Cyclone and THAT's IT! I don't get NY1 so I don't know if they were as obnoxious. The networks must be afraid of pissing off Bloomberg or people really are that plastic. So enjoy some Amos Wrengler, the troubadour of Coney Island, who states the issues simply.

School's Out For Summer!

Found on St. Felix and Lafayette in Fort Greene
F.I.B used to rip up her books and throw them in the street on the last day of school but I definitely would of held on to this hand painted beauty of a notebook cover. Nice stipple work kid!


Mermaid Parade 2008

This seahorse squirted water (look closely!)!

Another year and another Mermaid Parade has marched down Surf Avenue. You KNOW I went! I started out on the boardwalk, even though it was quite packed it was eerily quiet, it was like a silent parade, it was strange, I didn't like it. So with great difficulty I made back to Surf Avenue where it was more lively. I just love listening to parade M.C Chris T's running commentary. I salute you Chris on your ability to maintain entertaining witty banter for over 2 hours! Did you know that Chris was in lengendary early 80's NY hardcore punk band The Nihilistics? They had a local smash hit that all the kids were dancing to called "Kill Yourself". It was also rumoured (and it might of been true) that they all worked in a graveyard. Later Chris was in controversial lower east side "noise" band Missing Foundation. Does anybody remember those upside down cocktail glass looking graffiti that were all over town? I think all those building eventually lost their foundations and have been replace by "luxury" condos. Something that MUST NOT HAPPEN TO CONEY ISLAND AS WELL! There is a lot of rock and roll history in the mermaid parade that many may not be aware of, the early ones were MUCH LESS family oriented, there was WAY more nudity and way less children. I even saw that guy Chet who has been in the parade since the early days and who used to do performancy stuff with that other NY scum rock band Alice Donut walking down Surf Avenue in a diaper. Lookin' good Chet!

So my camera lost it's juice but I got a few shots in. Zombie Mermaid!Best seat in da house!Pirate Girl
I later chatted with this pirate girl at the new Freak Bar which is open even though it is underconstruction. It's nice and spacious, can't wait to see the finished results! I took a bunch of photos of her with my 35mm FILM camera of which I have to HAND DEVELOP the film in a DARKROOM! I HOPE TO GOD they come out! This is my way of telling you that F.I.B has started grad school. I'm gonna be an art teacher! I actually have already started teaching and I love it. So I have a feeling the blog posts will be even less frequent than they have lately, but then again, maybe not.

Check out some of these sites for excellent parade photos:
Forgotten New York
The Kingston Lounge
Brit in Brooklyn


Mermaid Parade 2008 *Saturday* 2pm!

Glue guns are heating and sewing machines are whirring as The Mermaid Parade is happening tomorrow. Weather is supposed to be great and there is lots of discontent among the founders and participators as Bloomoberg continues his crusade to eliminate anything unique and non corporate in this city. Read the post below to find out more....anyway this particular photo is from when Kembra Phaler of the fab rock band the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black was the Queen, I do not recall the year, it might of been 1998, if anyone knows, feel free to comment. The band was selected to be part of the current crop of folks in the Whitney Biennial. A long way from when F.I.B used to see them play at CBGB's in the late 80's, the VHKB used to play a lot with the Lunachicks, Da Willy's and Sloth. That scene was called "Scum Rock' and F.I.B looovvved all the bands!!!

Anyway digressing again, the parade starts at 2pm. Click here for all the details on the parade from the good folks at Coney Island U.S.A who have tirelessly produced this event since the early 1980's! Be there or be, well, you know....square. And don't forget to put some sunblock on.

Click here to read F.I.B's story of being in the parade in the year 2000.



Save Coney Island! Zigun Resigns & Mermaid Queen Hunger Strikes.

As we are practically on the eve of the Mermaid Parade things are heating up out at Coney Island. If you keep up on the twists and turns of events out at Coney you might know that Dick Zigun "the unelected Mayor" of Coney Island and mastermind behind the Mermaid parade (which is celebrating it's 25th year!) recently resigned from his post as Director of the Coney Island Development Corporation. He resigned after the city presented a new plan with no hearings, no public input and no opportunity for directors of the CIDC to discuss it. The new plan, and I quote from an editorial written by Zigun will be "the focus of the June 24 hearing at 6 p.m. at Lincoln High School, would allow four hotel towers south of Surf Ave. in the amusement area, including one that would block the view of the landmarked Wonder Wheel from the subway."

The city plans to turn Coney Island into a shopping mall with Niketowns and other chainstores one can go to in any suburb or city center (in the new New York City). The amusement area will become a shadow of itself and the lure and the history of Coney Island will be but a memory. A shame since Dick Zigun really had a lot to do with the rejuvination of Coney Island.

Read Dick Zigun's statement in today's Daily News:
Coney Island Surf Should Remain Working People's Turf.

Also. From the Coney Island Message Board:
Reverend Billy and Savitri D have been named King Neptune and Queen Mermaid of the 2008 Coney Island Mermaid Parade, this Saturday June 21st. And so it is our freaky-monarchial DUTY to use this power to SAVE Coney Island from the gentrifying apocalypse of RETAIL ENTERTAINMENT HELL!

The Queen Mermaid will refuse to go back in the ocean! She will initiate a hunger strike during the parade, and will live in a window on Surf Ave and West 12th from the Mermaid Ball until the critical scoping meeting on June 24th at 6 pm. She is fasting to draw attention to a destructive scheme to reduce 60 acres of amusements to 9. She is fasting so YOU will come to this meeting, where the fate of Coney Island may be determined:

Coney Island Community Scoping Meeting!
June 24th at 6pm, at Lincoln High School, 2800 Ocean Parkway
Take Q train to Ocean Parkway or the F train to Avenue X

Visit her in person, visit her online! Keep her company via LIVE MERMAID CAM starting Sunday June 22 at 10 am. Spread the word! SAVE CONEY ISLAND!


Free "Gowanus Transformations" Walking Tour Saturday Afternoon at 2pm.

Christine Mackellar and Margaret Maugenest, curators of the show currently at The Brooklyn Historical Society called "Gowanus-Transformations" will be leading a free walking tour of the many interesting businesses that thrive in the Gowanus area.

The walk conincides with the exhibit, which is a celebration of 150 years of manufacturing around the Gowanus and will be up until August 24th at the Brooklyn Historical Society.

The tour starts at Claireware, corner of Union and Nevins a 2pm on Saturday, June 21st.

Click here to learn more about the show.

IKEA Protest in Red Hook.

In honor of this day, the day IKEA opens up in Red Hook and changes traffic patterns forever I am posting this video sent to me by improvisational group Collarsup. Enjoy!


"EMINENT DOMAIN:The American Dream on Sale" Wednesday night at N.Y.P.L.

My pal Brian Berger from over at Who Walk in Brooklyn is on a panel discussing "Eminent Domain Abuse" tomorrow night at the New York Public Library. Check out the related photography exhibit while you are there, details at the bottom.

Brian has also recently reported about that little known Brooklyn neighborhood near the Jackie Robinson Expressway called "Highland Park" over at Kevin Walsh's awesome Forgotten New York site!

Here are some details on what you can expect....

What is the American Dream? Does it mean having a “better life” by creating a home and a community, living together for generations, building and tending relationships to one another and to a place? Or do we create a "better life" by moving up, moving out, removing the old, replacing with the new?

Between 1949 and 1973 urban renewal, a program of the U.S. government, bulldozed 2,500 neighborhoods in 993 American cities and dispossessed one million people. Roots got cut, neighbors and families became separated, languages and cultures were destroyed, and social bonds were broken.

The current exhibition at The New York Public Library,Eminent Domain: Contemporary Photography and the City through August 29, features the work of five contemporary New York–based photographers—Thomas Holton, Bettina Johae, Reiner Leist, Zoe Leonard, and Ethan Levitas—whose works intersect and resonate with current concerns about the reorganization of urban space, and its public use, in New York City. Artist Glenn Ligon offers the literal narrative of his own housing in the city. In addition to proposed regulations that threaten First Amendment rights to photograph in public places thus becoming a form of privatization of public space, questions also arise with the current private/public arrangements that characterize much of modern urban development, particularly the legal power of eminent domain, or the taking of private property for public use.

Marshall Berman, Professor of Political Science, City College and the Graduate Center; Mindy Fullilove, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Public Health at Columbia University; Tom Angotti, Professor of Urban Affairs & Planning at Hunter College; and Brian Berger, photographer/blogger, will discuss the use of eminent domain and how urban renewal is changing the cityscape of New York City. Filmmaker Michael Galinsky will moderate.

The Atlantic Yards, a hotly contested developer driven project in Brooklyn, will serve as a focus through which the evening will begin. A short trailer from the film Battle of Brooklyn, directed by Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley, will portray the arguments of some of the main players in this current eminent domain debate.

After a summary of how the use of eminent domain is shaping our City, an open discussion with the audience will address what all of this means for the future of NYC.

Starts at 7pm at the main branch on 5th Avenue, Manhattan.

Clilck here for details about the talk.
Click here about the photography exhibit.


Landmark "Hood" milk bottle along the River Charles.
Hey kids I'm back from my mini vacation. I still can't get over that one can get a bus to Boston for the same price as a cab ride (15 bucks) from Manhattan to Brooklyn and it was way more comfortable! I have to say Boston is much more modern than I thought it would be, lots of ugly new office buildings and condos going up, cranes are everywhere, lots o'ugliness!Typical Boston streetscape. So sad.
Also that town closes down EARLY, don't even try to find something to eat after 10pm! I think there are two places you can go to (and we went to both!). AND don't even THINK about saying you are a Yankee fan there! Unless you are into getting into playing devil's advocate and getting a potential beat down. WAY too much energy is spent hating the "dark (dahk fahce) force". YES that's what they call us! They even have the winning world series ball that "broke the curse of 1918" in the BOSTON MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS! Do you think for a second that the Metropolitan would have a Yankee baseball in a glass case?I knew Boston was heavily Irish but didn't realize just HOW MUCH it was, but then again I was staying in "Southie" territory. More bars (bahs) than restaurants. But it it wasn't so conservative that I couldn't manage to find a drag queen! Despite my rants, I had a wicked good time!

P.S - That photo below is from a fun and resourceful installation in the trees of Metrotech Park. Go see the Ska-talites there on Thursday afternoon if you can!


Where and What is this?

Loyal readers I leave this for you to ponder as F.I.B is off to the sunshiney shores of South Boston this weekend. Taking the FUNG WAH bus baby!!!

Post Script!

A kind F.I.B reader informed me on just who this artist is. His name is Tony Feher and click here to see more of his work. He makes wonderful art on the cheap, just the way i like it and is exhibited world wide. Thanks Miz. Drew for the information!


Otis Clay Plays Downtown Brooklyn.

I was lucky enough to be able to have the time to check out Otis Clay at the BAM sponsered Brooklyn Rhythm and Blues Festival this afternoon. He put on a beautiful show as did opener Ryan Shaw. Otis Clay is an old school soul belter. If you like Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave, The Staples Singers or Al Green, you'll like Otis. Especially touching was a song that was nominated for a Grammy called "Walk A Mile in My Shoes" about the post-Katrina devastation in which Otis said in the introduction that "many many peoples lives down there are worse now then the day after Katrina." (Thank you George W.) If you would like to hear it go to Otis Clay's website click on "jukebox" and you can listen to it for free.

This summer music series has an impressive lineup every Thursday afternoon through August, next week THE SKATALITES!!

Check the schedule here. Play hooky from work and go! IT"S SUMMER!

P.S. - I can't believe I'm capping this show off by going to see Issac Hayes in Prospect Park tonight. A *STELLAR* day for F.I.B!


"Mermaids on Parade" Book Launch in DUMBO Wednesday Night.

Melanie Hope Greenberg has written AND illustrated a book called "Mermaids on Parade" and there will be an opening launch party and Art Exhibition over at Superfine on Wednesday night.

Melanie will be there autographing copies of this fab book. I haven't seen the whole thing but as you can see from this illustration she includes real live Coney Island personalities such as Dick Zigun in her story. The art exhibition goes until July 6th and all ages are welcome at the opening.

SUPERFINE is at 126 Front Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
The opening is Wednesday June 11, 2008 6 - 9 pm. For all ages. Free.

P.S - Special Kids Program on Saturday June 28, 2008 from 1-2pm. Free.

Click here to go to Melanie's website and see and read more about her work.

Found on Court Street

Haven't done one of these in a while...anybody remember when they had live wrestling at the Court Street Fair in front of the Citibank?


The last weekend in Red Hook before IKEA opens...take advantage of the loveliness.

As that age old NY catch phrase goes "it's not the HEAT it's the HUMIDITY!" I love summer and this crazy hot weather so I actually got out of the house at a responsible a.m hour this morning on my bike to hit the stoop sales where, I scored BIG TIME! Hot weather is an excellent time to buy leather which I did. I got an early 60's knee length leather coat for ONE DOLLAR!!!! Hell, the buttons on this thing were worth more than that. Anyway none of the sales were hoity toity like this one that I wrote about last summer. ANYWAY I eventually ended up at the Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival which is still going on today. It will be going on as well tomorrow along with the Carroll Gardens/Red Hook open studios. If you are around, check them out because they're awesome and also this because this area will most likely be a weekend madhouse when IKRAPA opens up. If you bike down to the festival as I did, you can take advantage of free valet bike parking and free ice cold water refills after you fork out a buck for a bottle of water. HAZY HOT & HUMID Baby!!! They've got free kayaking courtesy of Red Hook Boaters! It is significantly cooler by the water and the breeze felt great. There is music (of course) and food and views of the New York Harbor that can't be beat.

Check out this cheap camera video of some barges that look like they are going to smash into each other and some kayakers catching some waves in their wake, that could be you!!!

Where's it at?
Louis J. Valentino Park
Coffey St (at Ferris St)
Red Hook, Brooklyn

and you can pick up a map for the Red Hook Open Studios there as well!


Life ain't easy on Avenue X

I was waiting forever for the train tonight across from this guy. Reminded me of the type of images the D.C hardcore band Minor Threat used to favor. Taken with my camera phone.


Rapper KRS-ONE launches Summer Reading Program this Thursday @ BPL.

As a daughter (and a sister) of a librarian I find this event VERY cool! New York City Public School children have off from school this Thursday due to Brooklyn-Queens day and this is something fun for them to do that afternoon. Here are the details as per an announcement sent to me from the Brooklyn Public Library.


Krist Parker, aka KRS-ONE, will help Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) officially host the kick-off of Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library and Queens Public Library’s annual Summer Reading Program at BPL’s Central Library on Thursday, June 5 at 11:00am.

A staunch believer that knowledge equals power, and that literacy helps curb violence, KRS-ONE will speak about the importance of reading, rap his important message, answer questions, sign autographs and take pictures with children who will be off from school for Brooklyn-Queens Day, and signing up for summer reading.

The Summer Reading kick-off will offer tons of fun, free activities for kids of all ages beginning at 12:00pm with performances from the Big Apple Circus; 1:00pm with entertainment from magicians; and at 2:00pm there will be a screening of the Bee Movie in the new Dweck Center. Mr. Met will also be on hand to sign autographs and take pictures. And, of course, when children sign up for the summer reading program, they will receive the summer’s booklists, special reading goodies and much more.


Thursday, June 5, 11:00 – 2:00pm

11:00pm - Press Conference with KRS-ONE and Brooklyn Pubic Library’s Executive Director Dionne Mack- Harvin

12:00pm - Big Apple Circus performances

1:00pm - Magicians will perform

2:00pm - Screening of the Bee Movie in the Dweck Center


Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library

Grand Army Plaza


Carroll Gardens Zoning Text Ammendment Hearing Tomorrow Morning

Why would anyone want to change this?
Tomorrow there is a very important meeting for Carroll Gardeners who live in the historic brownstone narrow street areas. The narrow "Place" blocks are in danger of becoming crowded with out of scale building developments. There is an ridiculous piece of text in the zoning code that says that the front gardens, ie: the "GARDENS" of Carroll "GARDENS" are really part of the street.

If you have the time and you care about the unique beauty and history of these buildings and do not want out of scale tall buildings to destroy the existing aesthetic and character of this historic neighborhood, do try and attend the meeting. If you can not attend you can submit a comment.

Read more at the C.O.R.D blog, which is right here to read more info and read testimonies from local residents.

Where:City Planning Commission
Wednesday, June 4th at 10 AM
Spector Hall
22 Reade Street
New York, New York 10007
Re : Carroll Gardens Zoning Text Amendment N 080345 ZRK

The public is encouraged to sign up to speak in front of the commission, but written testimonies will also be accepted. Please send your written comments to:

City Planning Commission
Calendar Information Office Room 2E
22 Reade Street
New York, NY 10007


R.I.P Bo Diddley

I was saddened to hear about the passing of one of rock & roll's greats this afternoon. Bo Diddley played guitar his way and without him we would of probrably never had the Stones and countless garage rock bands. F.I.B was lucky enough to see Bo live right here in Brooklyn about 7 years ago at an afternoon show at MetroTech, it was definitely one of my favorite concerts ever. His presence was electric, there is a reason he was legend, he just had it ALL going on. When he played "You Pretty Thing" I almost died on the spot! I couldn't believe I was there looking and hearing Bo Diddley in Brooklyn of all places. It was the first time he had been back to Brooklyn since the 1950's and he just seemed so damn happy to be there. The crowd was one of the better crowds, mixed on every level and there was nothing but smiles and dancing.

Rest in Peace Bo!

Just Another Monday Night on Smith Street.


New Episode of Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse Tuesday Night

F.I.B's friends over at Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse have a new episode of the show airing on Tuesday night. I've seen some of the footage and it is definitely a story that is underreported. The residents of the public housing projects around Ft. Greene are feeling the effects of gentrification and have lost many basic neighborhood emmenities including their supermarkets. Here are the details as per the Roundhouse.

Episode 1 of Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse's coverage of the FUREE convention will air on BCAT at 8pm this Tuesday, June 3rd and in Manhattan next Thursday, June 5th, at 8:30pm on MNN.

About the show:

Brooklyn's FUREE (Families United for Racial and Economic Equality) held their 5th annual convention followed by a march to protest the closing of the Albee Square Mall. Is it time to fight back? The Developer, John Catsimatidis, destroyed all the services around the Farragut, Whitman and Ingersoll housing projects (which is home to over 30,000 tenants), including the supermarkets (ironically he is the owner, president, chairman, and CEO of the Red Apple Group and Gristedes Foods). NYC is also using a fake "egress" issue to shut down child care. And Public Housing is under attack.

Featuring Ed Carter, Diana Smith, Beverly Corwin, Kevin Powell, V/elmanette Montgomery, Hakeem Jeffries and the Marching Alliance . Not attending for the 5th year in a row was Ed Towns.

Click here to out more about FUREE.

Support FUREE's Downtown Brooklyn Video and watch the trailer here.

Watch Tuesday Nights on BCAT 8:00pm Freddys Brooklyn Roundhouse
Time Warner 34/CableVision 67, BCAT CH 1 for live internet streaming at showtime www.bcat.tv/bcat

Watch Thursday Nights on MNN 8:30pm Freddys Brooklyn Roundhouse
Time Warner 56/17 RCN 83 for live internet streaming at showtime www.mnn.org