Found in Brooklyn

Another vagrant plush toy in the gutter. This is turning into a theme! Check out Sponge Bob from a previous post....


Got me them Carroll Gardens Blues....

I've been out of town. I was down in Memphis with a side trip to Oxford, Mississippi for a wedding. Life is easy down there. Rent is cheap and the music is great.The wedding was a two day affair in Mississippi with plenty of blues, bourbon and BBQ. I made it to Graceland, Sun Studios, the Stax Soul museum, the Lorraine Motel (where Reverend King was assassinated) and William Faulkner's house.I went to several wild parties at the home of a blues musicologist/archivist who only pays $350.00 a month for a beautiful place with a huge front porch with a swing. Everyone seemed to be an artist or a musician,just like NY in the old days.Too bad it's in the south! I'd be there in a second...although I wasn't gone long it seems that the depressing luxury condo/apartment developments continue at a maddening pace,will it ever end?! (Not till the last piece of land is built upon I suppose)Who the hell is going to live in these places...urggghhhhhh....Well, an anti-development movement is organizing, and we all need to spread the word. A high-rise monstrosity by everyone's favorite developer Scarano at the Carroll St. train station is in the works. Check out these two stories about what might be coming to the quiet end of Smith Street: Pardon Me For Asking and Gowanus Lounge.
P.S.-I forgot my battery charger for my camera, stay tuned for low-tech disposable camera photos of the south. This photo is from my phone on Beale Street, which is like the Bourban Street of Memphis.


Public Service Announcement-Gowanus Rezoning Meeting on Monday.

I received this email from "Friends of Bond" about a FROGG meeting.

"There is supposed to be a report on the City planning Rezoning of Gowanus meeting. Also on their agenda is 'How Bond Street will be affected by zoning change.We are planning a meeting for FOB sometime after memorial day. I will keep you posted."

Monday May 21
Smith and Vine tasting room
268 Smith Street

Life is but a dream....

This evening on the subway train was like a dream sequence, a mix of oddities that I have to say since Brooklyn has become the "New Manhattan" I haven't experienced in a long time, years really....
I was on the G train when a Mexican clown in fantastic makeup stepped on . He had a woman in plain clothes carrying his props. He had star quality. They were clearly on their way to a gig as they kept looking at a piece of paper and the subway map. This clown had the most amazing makeup, it was not crudely done,it was half classic clown, half glamourous, he had glitter on his face but it was very subtle, as someone who has a history with glitter, I was extremely impressed with his application. He also had the big shoes and the whole clown get up on. There was a family on the train with some pretty mean (and very young) parents who kept yelling, making the kids act up more. The clown whipped out some balloons and everybody shut up and was happy. THEN, a guy with a surfboard looking like he stumbled out of the surfing documentary "Endless Summer" ambled in after probrably surfing at Rockaway. Along with him was a gang of very young kids unattended by any adults trying to terrorize the subway car (without much results). The Mexican clown just handed them balloons.....


Jerry Falwell R.I.P (not).

Bu-bye Jerry Falwell!
I remember when the Moral Majority was a hot topic in early 1980's hardcore punk lyrics. I actually used to wear a button that said "Immoral Minority". Jerry Falwell and Ronald Reagan really fueled the composition of some great punk songs.I guess that's why his death is notable to me.
Jerry Fallwell had a lot of opinions but here are some of my favorites:
1.Tinky Winky was a "gay role model" for children.Why? Because he was a cartoon character that carried a handbag!
2.The reason NYC was attacked on 9/11 was because of why? All the feminists,gays and liberals, but of course!!!
3.The anti-christ is probrably a male jew that is now living amongst us.
Sadly, this list goes on and there are people out there (like maybe our President?) that actually took this guy seriously.


Word to your Mother (Happy Mother's Day!)

Here's some premade art that has been attached to a wall along Carroll Street. They even attached an old woodblock to the wall. In my attempt to decipher these I think it says "Gorber Museum Quality". Then of course there is "Erupyo", maybe it is one of those serious French grafitti artists doing a shout out to Europe.


Erase you

How shocked was I when I read in the "Daily News" this morning that one of the MTA workers who is indicted for bilking money from workman's compensation is the drummer from ESG!Although Valerie Scroggin is more infamous than famous, it is always weird when you read a news story like this. Who knew she was a bus driver? I saw ESG open for the "The Clash" AND "The Gang of Four" in thee olden days and remember their music being constantly played on WNYU and at Danceteria. "Erase you" is a pretty hot tune....In the past couple years as the kids have become interested in early 80's dance music they had made a comeback and even played here in Brooklyn at Southpaw. Her lawyer is still saying that her arm is lame even though she can play drums and is unable to drive a bus. The fact that the MTA had investigators attend ESG concerts in Dublin and Amsterdam reminds me of one of many episodes of "Dragnet"! (You know like the one where Officer Joe Friday goes to a party where "The Chocolate Watchband" are playing to break up the LSD ring?) They took pictures with her, got her autograph and even said "She's pretty good!" I hope her arm really is lame because lying is bad for your karma man....Read the "official" story here.


Sunday Sunday Sunday

Today is Sunday and it's ending with a spectacular sunset. I am lazy like a cat today. Work yesterday was the equivalent of being the only waitress in a restaurant packed with 40 cranky needy customers (who are all over 65) and it's your first day and you don't know the menu or the how to work the cash register. Yes, it was not fun and am enjoying being in my home even though it's gorgeous out...I went out for a little while today, went up to the Court Street Fair. It was sort of mediocre this year, no semi-professional wrestling as in years past, I was a bit disappointed. I also checked out the new "Indie Market" on Smith. I wish them luck, nothing really screamed "BUY ME!" I think I am so over all this sort of twee craftsy fashion (and I am sort of artsy!) just too gentle for me, it sort if reminds me of hippies. I wish something normal and utilitarian and non "money" would open around here. I am annoyed that I looked for shoes in the neighborhood today (I should know better!) and all anyone had were Dankso clog sandals or $150.00 and up shoes. I DID score a cool red plastic bangle bracelet for 25 cents at a stoop sale so the day was not a complete bust! Yes it's the little things that keep me going sometimes.....