Dark rant on a beautiful day.

Went out for a walk today. It was a lovely Saturday, the Magnolia trees were blooming, the daffodils are out and amidst all this are posters about all the different community groups meeting or for protests going on in the area. It's really depressing, I mean why all at once and all of a sudden? Coney Island, the Atlantic Yards, the Gowanus, all areas where the residents are being overlooked and trampled upon. Meanwhile on Smith Street I noticed an EXTREME amount of well heeled couples pushing strollers with their well heeled friends also pushing strollers looking to have brunch. It was really noticable, the MONEY these people have! Nannies day off, let's put on our "casual" trendy duds and have brunch with Biff and his wife. After brunch the wives can pick up a few frocks at "Bird" or "Dear Feildbinder" (one of THE most pretentious names for a store on Smith Street!i think there used to be a Botanica at that location, for some reason the old spanish man who owned the store also sold glitter?!). I wished they all stayed in Manhattan. I mean Park Slope is annoying but at least the parents aren't wearing Stella McCartney (not that i am a fan of Park Slope fleece fashion but at least it's more kid friendly!) It just makes Brooklyn so much less appealing to me. It makes me honestly sick. So sick, that I am considering of leaving Brooklyn. Suddenly Queens and the Bronx appeals to me, who would of thought? It feels like NY there. It really doesn't feel like NY here anymore. If feels like an ad in a fashion magazine simulating what NY is supposed to be like.


Joyce Hanson said...

Move to Sunset Park! They're still keepin' it real there, and it's cheap.

Lisanne McT said...

I'm not moving ANYWHERE! Biff & Muffy will not beat me down! Eventually their kids will be older and they will move to westchester (hopefully).