Slightly happier.....

Just to follow up on the dark thoughts that my Saturday walk on Smith Street caused. Later on I went for a bike ride up to Prospect Park, being in that park caused me to think again about fleeing Brooklyn in disgust. The parks in Queens suck! Flushing Meadow is flat and doesn't offer much shade in the summer. Plus I have childhood memories of that park and none of them are too fond!

I found this book on Carroll Street. "Catherine the Great" by Katherine Anthony published in 1925. Joyce Hanson of Badgirl Blog called Catherine the Great the "original cougar", check it out! Anyway the book is in lovely condition and someone named "Lilia Johnson" signed her name with the date 1928 on the first page.When I originally started this blog I had plans on recording all the great street finds I find here in Brooklyn, hence the name of the blog. The pressure of sticking to one topic isn't something I have the energy to do right now but it will still happen in spurts I am sure.

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Joyce Hanson said...

Oh, I just saw my name in this post. Thanks for the mention, Lisanne. Cool pic. Reminds me of my impression of who Catherine the Great looked like when I saw her picture for the first time. George Washington. She looks kinda like George Washington. Or maybe it's just the style they used to paint portraits back then. Still, she was a sexpot with a huge libido, so she had no trouble snagging men.