Art , Commerce & the Gowanus Open Studios (AGAST)

The poor dear....trapped inside the BO Concept Store window during the Dumbo Arts Festival.
Cocooning? Pod people? What's it all about? Probably brought people into the store, that's what!

Next Saturday is the unfortunately named but excellent A.G.A.S.T open studios in Gowanus, a bit more casual and less slick, it's a great way to actually go inside the studios of the many artists who are inhabit the Gowanus and actually SMELL the paint (that is, if they paint). I love the voyeuristic aspect of it. It's a fab opportunity to be able to go into the great buildings in the area such as the one on Union & Nevins and the big warehouse on 9th Street by the canal amongst many others. Some of the studios are even in people's row house apartments as well. As an artist, I really enjoy seeing the process part of art making, there is more to a work of art than just the finished piece and I find that checking out the vibe in the artist's studio and seeing what is hanging on their walls, hearing what they listen to and perhaps seeing sketches and stuff like that really gives you so much more of a window into just what drives an artist to make something.

It is usually 2 days long, this year it is just on Saturday, October 3rd, from noon to 6pm.

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