"Paradise" Show opens Friday @ Proteus Gowanus

This image is not in the show! Just looked Paradise-like to me...

Proteus Gowanus is unique in that they pick a theme and go with it all year; curating three shows within the theme. I really like the theme they have this year....Paradise!

From the gallery's press release:

"Whether a garden of innocence or a heaven that only the chosen few can enter, the concept of paradise has entranced us across cultures and eras. In stark contrast with the daily grind, Paradise calls to us and we respond with our imaginations. Pliny the Great added to his idyllic description of the Islands of the Gods:

"These islands, however, are greatly annoyed by the putrefying bodies of monsters,
which are constantly thrown up by the sea."

And this is, indeed, the paradox of paradise: for every heaven, there must be a hell.

This year, Proteus Gowanus will explore the theme Paradise, examining the light and
the dark sides of this alluring word and inviting our friends and visitors to join us as we roam with irony, sensuality and longing in search of paradise."

Paradise Artists:

Angelo Bellfatto, Diane Bertolo, Svetlana Boym, Dominique Cooper, Ernst Haeckel, John Hudak, Okay Karadiyalar, KC Lack, Eva Melas, Lado Pochkua, Lance Rutledge, Adine Sagalyn, Erik Schurink, Suzan Shutan, Suzanne Silver, Josh Stern, Robert The, Friese Undine, Kit Warren, Audra Wolowiec

When: Friday, September 10, 6:30-8:30 pm
543 Union Street down the alley off Nevins Street

Click here for the gallery's website.

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