Gowanus/Bond Street Area News.....

I received a "courtesy call" from the dry cleaning facility (a wholesaler that also had a walk in business for locals) located on the corner of Bond and 2nd Streets yesterday. They said that "I should come and get my clothes today or tomorrow because they are relocating." So I take a walk across the street to pick them up and the place is completely barren except for about 3 racks of clothes and one lone woman sitting behind the desk take caring of these last transactions. It seemed to be a pretty hasty exit as the place seemed to running as normal the last time I went in about two weeks ago. The woman said the other business on the block "Fiberwave" is moving out as well.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I heard that the businesses on that block were operating on 6 month leases because they are located where Toll Brothers are to build condos. I keep hearing that the zoning will not be changed (from industrial to residential) for another two years, if that is so, why are the businesses out now?

Also, I heard that there was a meeting held by Toll Brothers last week that was not open to the public, unveiling their their building plans for the banks of the Gowanus between Carroll and 1rst Streets. It is disturbing to me that things are moving so quickly while the canal still will not be cleaned for another couple years and the shores most likely toxic and NONE of this is deterring HOUSING developments along the canal. It seems a shoe- in that the zoning willl be changed as planned despite lack of a clean up before they start breaking ground.

Meanwhile almost every building on Bond Street between 2nd & 3rd Streets is for sale. I don't know what my point is here but I just had to say something. It seems although the time table is slow as far as rezoning (supposively 2 years as told to me by Bill DeBlasio himself) and cleanup (3 years up the line MAYBE) all this other stuff is happening far in advance. How come?


Katia said...

Hi Lisanne,
I think that we only hear half of what we should be hearing regarding the canal. I heard about this meeting with the Toll Brothers too. They met with the "Mayor of Carroll Gardens" a certain funeral director.
I guess we will know what the Tolls are planning for the Gowanus eventually. But in the meantime, they are making deals in backrooms

Lisanne said...

Yeah, I figured that. Don't think they are planning to open a funeral home in Toll Brothers Complex!

Anonymous said...

and isn't it "interesting" how, FIB aside (mucho gracias) most of this is "reported" (& i use that term loosely) as fait accompli? i.e. Toll ** is ** doing this... when _____. Same with the bullshit Gowanus Whole Foods, whose constant lies were repeated by newspaper & blog alike without serious scrutiny.

The scumbags at Toll Brothers-- & ya'll should look into their national business/environmental practices, if not already familar-- might have gamed it a lot better or maybe they're bluffing too, to make it SEEM all is inevitable.

Re: the Canal, they could not give even half a shit, & why should they? Sell now & see you later, schmucks.

Buddy Scotto is, to date, an ambivalent figure, who's been talking the Gowanus up since before the internet. He is NOT, however, the Mayor of dick, regardless of what he ** thinks ** & whatever lazy ersatz journalists who can't be bothered to get other quotes (let alone really do their own research) portray him as.


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