Wake for ABC No Rio

I a am week late on letting you know that, if you are unaware, non profit art spot, ABC No Rio is preparing for the demise of it's existing structure. I attended the wake for the building last week where I witnessed the cast canvas shroud of this lower east side tenement being ceremonially removed and dropped into a waiting casket. The wake ensued in the gallery space after a procession around the neighborhood.

Check out an exhibit or a performance now before you say "I should of.." and the before the building is gone or even better! DONATE some money towards their new GREEN building designed by architect Paul Castrucci. There are different ways to donate, you can even get yourself some hand screened holiday cards or a one of a limited edition pinhole camera print of the building by photographer, Michael Bayard.

ABC NO Rio is the epitome of DIY so pay homage!!!


Anonymous said...

How sad!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand that the existing building needs work, but to demolish it and replace it with something that will be soulless seems such a shame. I'm sure great things will happen at the new space but I do lament the passing of the old building's character. I don't think demolition was the only option. I'd prefer to see the building rehabbed. Will any old elements be included in the new building?