Did Anybody Witness This Accident at 360 Smith on Friday Afternoon?

I happened to be passing by when a woman was posting these fliers around the constuction project on Smith and 2nd Place (360 Smith Street). She told me that her friend got hit in the head by part of the construction wall on this corner. He now has a minor concussion and can not go to work. She said that workers at the site offered no help and said that he probably "just needed a band-aid". Also none of them said they saw it happen.The wall that fell is the one in front of the garbage can.

Transcription of the flier:

Did You See This Happen?
I was hit in the head by part of the consturction wall on this corner at Smith and 2nd Place. It fell on Friday the 8th of January between 3:45 and 4pm. If you witnessed this, please contact me. Thank you in advance.

eric_carabetta@yahoo.com or call 917-776-1514

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Anonymous said...

I hope that this person made a police report.