The REAL Coney Island.

Paul's Daughter, originally uploaded by lisanneMcT.

This is a photo of real people enjoying Coney Island. BUt noooooooooooo a European company says that this is not what Coney is about. THIS does not fit into "their vision" of Coney Island.

Excuse me but THIS is why people love Coney Island. Hand Painted signs, family run businesses, hot dogs, sausage and peppers, knishes, french fries and beer.

I am still so upset about the recent eviction notices to all the businesses on the boardwalk.

Tomorrow may very well be (although I am hoping otherwise) the last day that Ruby's Bar and Grill is open.

GO and show your support if you can tomorrow and if you haven't already SIGN THIS PETITION!

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Bee said...

LOVE this picture....a real moment.