Developments on Bond Street

I found this flier on the post right smack in front of my house. Some people in the Bond Street area held a meeting about the proposed development that may happen on Bond Street. I went to the meeting to find out what is happening at the Mary Star of the Sea nursing home around the corner. There was a turnout of about 20 people. A mixture of old timers and new comers, mostly home owners, I think I was the only renter representing.

The main concern amongst other things was about how a developer wants to build 400 units in a high rise building right smack across the street from our little strip of buildings on Bond Street between 1rst & 2nd Streets. Traffic, parking & sewage problems seemed to be the main cause of concern. What gets me is our neighborhood is losing basic services everyday. We don't even have a local supermarket anymore and fuhgettabout Carroll Gardens ever getting a Post Office! ! I don't know how the elderly in this neighborhood manage. I suppose Fresh Direct will make a killing (more than they are already) or IF this thing comes to fruition, Whole Foods will be up and running and all the wealthy organic food eaters will never know the difference.

I really don't want this to happen. I have lived on Bond Street for almost fifteen years. There is talk that my building will be knocked down. I miss the old Brooklyn. I'd rather live with the famous Bond Street wild dog packs than people who can spend a million on an apartment.

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Anonymous said...

my name is Ariella and I am a reporter for the Brooklyn Paper. I am working on a story related to Bond Street development and I would love to talk with you. Is there an email address to which I could write to you? I am at cohen@brooklynpaper.com.

Thanks! I look forward to speaking with you.