It's the First Day of Spring.......

time for regrowth and all that stuff....I was walking along 15th Street yesterday in the early evening and I spotted a huge pile of these "Foam Flower Rose Kits". Now, I just started a part time gig where I am doing Art Projects with the elderly. They LOVE crafts and I am always on the look out for ideas and materials. So I take as many of these kits as I can. This morning as I listen to NPR talk about how serious Global Warming is, I decide in honor of Spring to try an make a rose. I quickly came to the conclusion that the reason they were thrown out was because there is NO POSSIBLE WAY you can make a rose as pictured on the instructions with a strip of 1" foam. Besides who would want a foam rose anyway? Foam production just contributes to global warming...how unspring like!!!They did come to use however as I used the wire and leaf in the package to make these fabulous tissue paper peonies......Happy Spring!!!!!!

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