Heard me some Rock & Roll

at Magnetic Field Cocktail Lounge on Atlantic Avenue, caught The Fleshtones doing their usual highly entertaining, energetic brand of "Super Rock"! The Fleshtones are originally from Queens but now most of them live in Brooklyn, they are one of NYC's original Garage Rock Revivalists (been around almost 30 years!) and still do it better than most. NOTHING will stop the Fleshtones from their choreographed guitar/dance moves or their almost svengali approach to getting the audience to participate! Not many other bands would have grown men doing push ups on the floor of a bar!I recall seeing The Fleshtones open for some hardcore bands in the mid 1980's (I THINK it was the Bad Brains or the Cromags or both) and not even a wall of skinheads with crossed arms across the chest stopped frontman Peter Zaremba from jumping off the stage and shaking his moraccas through their wall of hostility. The Fleshtones have so much material at this point that they did a "stars on 45" style montage of some of their hits on Saturday. A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Nice post about the show. Thought you might be interested in this heads-up from my editor at Continuum about _Sweat_, my forthcoming biography of The Fleshtones:


_Sweat_ will be out in the fall.

Joe Bonomo

Lisanne said...

Sounds fantastic!
Here is that link again!
"Sweat" The Fleshtones bio by Joe Bonomo

DavidK. said...

Great photos, blogger person. I was at the show as well and thought it was amazing! I'm still doing push-ups in their honor!!!

Lisanne said...

It has been brought to my attention that the link to the Fleshtones bio doesn't work. Sorry for the inconvenience! Now try THIS!!!!
"Sweat" The Fleshtones bio by Joe Bonomo