Rev.99 & "The Museum of Drunken Art" at Freddy's Bar this Saturday Night!

Ever go to Freddy's Bar and get hypnotized by the video mashups of all matter of B-Movies, disaster snippets,music videos, commercials etc else that play on the T.V's hanging above the bar? They sort of make you feel like there is another substance besides just beer in your glass, if you know what I mean! Well. those are manager/bartender at Freddy's, Donald O'Finn's masterpieces and he is a part of rev. 99 who are performing from 9 to 10 pm this Saturday night. Read on for the full description!

>rev.99 returns to the mother ship Freddy¹s Bar, to mix and mash media live. Big screen projection and audio
performance of live improvised television. A troop of artists, musicians,tech-heads and DJ's, engage accident a composition via Multiple digital and analog sources of audio & video, a live camera feed, a TeVo box, effects mixers and monitors and big screen projection. Mixed live into a contemplative and stunning performance.Featuring Freddy¹s manager and bartender Donald O¹Finn¹s maniacal video montages (voted ³Best Art Video in a Bar² by the Village Voice,[also the curator of the much publicized Salon des Refusés de las Bibliothèque de Brooklyn Last Feb]) 99 Hooker's abstractions and TV shrapnel, Kathy Coogan's live camera work, Jim Pletcher¹s live audio re-mixes, and Brother Russell Scholl¹s vast library of video oddities.

Rev.99 has been featured in America's home for avant-garde cinema Anthology Film Archive, as well as the world renowned Hershhorn Museum of Art in Washington D.C., and Lincoln Center in N.Y.City.


The Museum of Drunken Art opening: A vast collection of stunning drunken scribbles, brilliant dirty jokes and monstrous master pieces drawn on Napkins, scraps of bar paper, and straws, will be on display from the museum of Drunken Art.

Peter Teraberry, Director of MODA says:
This museum is an ideological vomitorium. As Director of The Museum of Drunken Art it is my job to sift through this vomit in order to find the most potent strains that the sickest members have produced. Let us hope the cream has risen to the top.

Make sure to get to Freddy's on time so you don't miss Rev. 99! They are performing from 9pm to 10pm!!!

Freddy's Backroom & Bar is located at:
485 Dean Street Brooklyn, (That's the corner of Dean Street and 6th Avenue)
phone: 718.622.7035

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