Worlds collide...Meet the other Lisanne!

Doppelgangers do exist. I know because I think I just met mine! First off, although I usually refer to myself as F.I.B my name is Lisanne. Lisanne is not a very popular name. All my years stomping the planet I've never met another. The origins of how I ended up being called Lisanne are not as exotic as most people think. No, I am not French nor am I named after a Czechoslovakian Princess.I'm an American mutt who's mother found the name in the newspaper This is in my baby album. Lisanne was a bathrobe manufacturer and my mother just liked the name, see, even my name is friggin' FOUND (and copyrighted)!

Otherwise I've been told that I would have been named "Angela" a name MUCH easier to pronounce. I've spent my entire life being called all sorts of variations of Lisanne. I'm used to it but please don't call me "Lisa Ann" because then I may have to kill you!

So back to the doppelganger, to put it bluntly there is ANOTHER CHICK IN BROOKLYN NAMED LISANNE WHO TAKES PICTURES OF GARBAGE! She even has a flickr group called "NY Has the Coolest Garbage". She found me and is equally stunned. Here is a bit about her flickr group in her words.....

One of the Flickr groups I run is called "NY Has the Coolest Garbage". It's a small group, only 14 members, but I thought that a group pool of NYC garbage should exist. After all, we do have the coolest garbage here in New York City. (especially in Brooklyn) I'm the most prolific poster there, which gives me pain. Seems that there are few people out there with the motivation to take a short walk twice a week to see what their neighbors think isn't worthy of a place in their homes anymore. I am always amazed to find something of interest every Tuesday and Friday Night. Since you are also dedicated to this pursuit and also lucky enough to be a Lisanne (there are so few of us, you know) I was hoping you might join this group. We might have the collective effect of motivating the other members.She even has a picture of a turntable!!! See! What are the odds? Is this bizarre or am I over reacting? Same rare name, same somewhat odd past time, same borough, same interests. This is like one of those 60's TV shows, a combination of "The Twilight Zone" and "Bewitched". I love it!

Lisanne hales from the Sheepshead Bay area formerly known as Homecrest. In addition to the garbage photography she is also very concerned with overdevelopment (as I!) of her neighborhood. Here's what my doppelganger has to say about that:

What is happening in Sheepshead Bay is an invasion of 3 story condo units, which take up three or four properties. I thought this trend had reached the saturation point recently, but unfortunately a new spurt has occurred. A lot of these buildings are wanting for buyers, a lot of those who bought have defaulted on their mortgages and yet the craziness continues. I involved myself with a coalition group which was supposedly influential enough to sway some politicians but the best they could achieve was a moratorium on building structures higher than three stories. Existing projects, of course, were allowed to continue.

Well, I think I just found my next guest blogger! Anyway F.I.B as always, is a latecomer to just what this flickr stuff is all about. Man there are sure alot of photos out there!!!! If anyone wants to join and I know there are more street garbage photographers out there, email me at lisannem@gmail.com and I'll send you an invite.


Knapp Street Headed Ho said...

whoa, another bk garbage ** philosopher ** ... right on. in some ways, of course, the LESS popular this is the better-- more hot stuff for the rest of us!

as for Sheepshead Bay, it's development & over- ... really? really?! REALLY?!?!

please note Lisanne II-- or whoever the REAL Lisanne is, hah*-- "funny" how all that could be going on & the 285 so-called "Brooklyn" real estate blogs could write... so very little about it... which begs the question just what precisely do these people know about BROOKLYN?

It's not just Sheepshead of course but I'd say there & Brighton are the most glaring examples of a huge difference even reality & the so-called "real estate" journalists.

(I've been documenting as many of the empty lots as possible myself, i.e. houses torn down in hopes of some condo goldmine that's not yet arrived.)

Often Found on Avenue U**, I Remain, Unique--

Knapp Street Headed Ho
PIPS bartender 1982-1994

* This could be even better than The Real Roxanne!
** best donuts in NYC are there, & also the all-time weirdness of Zig Zag Records AND Brennan & Carr.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Your Mum may have named you for her favorite bathrobe (nothing wrong with that) but the name Lisanne has a perfectly traceable history; it's English, or by some accounts, Dutch, meaning "God is my oath". Also sounds a lot like the Germanic Anneliese - just as long as she didn't name you La Trina. As for the double, far more psychically dangerous to meet your lookalike ('specially in Hyde Park, for some fabled reason, only one of you could then live) than a namesake.
Do you ever throw anything out? Then maybe your OWN garbage would end up on someone else's blog, now that would be trippy. Imagine googling your end table (fondly aka "tabley") and finding it on flickr.

Lisanne McT said...

Wow anon. Thanks for the history of my name! You would THINK I would know that! I actually have some Dutch ancestry...and yes I know about the dangers of meeting my doppelganger & as we have only met virtually i am hoping we don't look alike, because THAT'S the real danger!

I'm sure my stuff will turn up on a blog sometime, it would't surprise me in the least...so many bloggers, so many digital cameras, so many flicka groups...

Lisanne! said...

I always thought that Lisanne is a special name. The only Lisannes I have ever heard about are people who achieved something of note. There's Lisanne Skyler, the film maker, Lisanne Norman, the sci-fantasy writer, Lisanne Altman, a legislator in Nassau County, and Lisanne Lyons the jazz singer. There is also another Lisanne who shares both my first and last name, she is the evening anchorperson at KXII in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Well, my last name is a common one. there are millions of Andersons in the United States, and millions more in Britain and Scandinavia. But Lisanne is so uncommon is less than 1 in 100,000 have that name.

The probability that two Lisannes, living in Brooklyn would come to the conclusion that there was something worthwhile in photograph what other people discard is mind-boggling. That we both do so because we are amazed that perfectly good items are just tossed out is comforting, I'm not the only dismayed with this. Of course, I do occasionally find something I want to take home with me. Add to that a concern about what is happening in our larger community of Brooklyn, with the Sitts, Ratners, and other lesser known developers redefining our environment in the worst possible way and the co-incidence becomes something warm, even an affirmation of sorts.

And this is a sort of proof that we all have doubles. Jung would be nodding in agreement my conclusion.

BTW, I do recommend Flickr to everyone, even those who do not generally take photographs. I like the sense of community there, I also find it useful as I can find user groups that have set up for every kind of interest imaginable. Groups on every subject from aardvarks http://www.flickr.com/groups/aardvarks_in_hiding/ to Zymurgy can be found. And if you do not feel like paying $25 dollars a year for a "pro" membership, there are workarounds which will allow you to have access to all of your photos. Such as placing them in groups. This piece of information was related by Stewart Butterfield himself in one of the groups I participate in. Stewart founded Flickr, and he should know. I assume that this is still the case, even though he wrote it more than a year ago.

Oh yes, when I throw something out it is unusable. I can't bear to part with anything

Well, as Louie said to Rick at the end of Casablanca I believe that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Anonymous said...

I'm Lisanne, from Chicago. My Mother told me she wanted to combine the names Elizabeth and Ann. I hated my name when I was a kid because I didn't want to be different and teacher's always mispronounced it. Now, I love it and I think it is beautiful. Besides, Lisanne Falk, and actress and model, I came across another Lisanne from North Carolina through business, and it turns out, we were both Interior Designers!

Lisanne McT said...

Ha! Thanks for finding me Lisanne...seems we are all creative types. After I wrote that blog entry my mother informed me that I was really named after a couple of relatives but that was the FIRST I ever heard of that! I only knew about the bathrobe!

Wasn't the mispronunciation ANNOYING! I would finally break down and say "just call me Lisa". I love my name now too but I have old school time friends who REFUSE to call me Lisanne, they think it's me being snobby! I'm like no, IT"S MY NAME!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally stunned by how many Lisannes are out there, I have never met one!
I'm Lisanne Rude (that was hell growing up)! I was born in Minnesota, but now live in California. My mother saw the name on a book about a French model. I don’t think she pronounced it in her head as many do, but by the time I realize it, it was too late, I was already a grown Lisanne (lee-san) not liz- or lis-ann.

I was never sure about this pronunciation thing because I have never encountered any other Lisannes, so I had to at least mention it. I am not sure how others pronounce theirs, but regardless it was frustrating going over the pronunciation with every one over and over and over…especially in bars (I usually just yelled out “It’s Sally!”)

But all in all, it much better then being a Jessica or Sarah (no offense ladies). Most people tell me I have a beautiful name.

I work in the solar energy industry; I have a degree in vegetable farming, with a minor in the study of insects. Not too artsy, but unique nonetheless. CAIO!

Lisanne McT said...

Lisanne Rude! I love it! a great punk rock name.

Yes, the pronunciation, always troubling! I usually tell people to call me Lee-san too, but everyone just changes it to Leezan or Lizann anyway.

But despite that yes it is better than Jessica or Sarah..thanks for finding and commenting, glad to have you in our little tribe!

Lissy said...

I wonder if you'd actually believe my name is Lisanne too =)

Lisanne Holly said...

Wow this is so cool! My name is Lisanne Holly, (Holly is my surname I don't know anyone apart from my family has a surname Holly!) I am so glad my mum called me Lisanne, she almost called me Jade but my father didn't like it then somehow Lisanne came up in her mind! I am living in London. It seem like all Lisannes are creative. I am studying fashion at London college of Fashion. I have no idea where Lisanne really come from but people kept saying I have a beautiful name so you all should be proud of your name too. NIce to meet you all!

Lisanne Holly said...

Wow this is so cool! My name is Lisanne Holly, (Holly is my surname I don't know anyone apart from my family has a surname Holly!) I am so glad my mum called me Lisanne, she almost called me Jade but my father didn't like it then somehow Lisanne came up in her mind! I am living in London. It seem like all Lisannes are creative. I am studying fashion at London college of Fashion. I have no idea where Lisanne really come from but people kept saying I have a beautiful name so you all should be proud of your name too. NIce to meet you all!

calamarsa said...

Hi, my name is Genís Sisó and I am trying to get in contact with Lisanne Rude. I lost her path some years ago. Could anybody tell her or let me know her mail adress?

Thank you

Lisanne McT said...

Hey Genis

I am not able to pick up on email addresses through blogger comments, so as you saw, Lisanne Rude did comment here...Lisanne Rude, if you come back contact me through my email address if you want to be back in touch with Genis...and Genis i would need yours too.....email address is near the mast head.

Hope to hear from both of you!

Lisanne said...

Hi Lisannes and a Genis!

It is the long lost Lisanne Rude.....well sort of. The good news bad news is that my rockin' last name has changed because I was married this summer!

Everyone still calls me Rude, rudy or the like, all my emails still involve Rude, but now I am Lisanne Shumway, living back in Colorado!

I hope Genis is still looking for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Lisanne.
I'm from Holland and Lisanne isn't a rare name here. It's pronounced like Lee (as in see or me)-zah(as in apart)-nuh(as in up) That's the only dutch pronunciation I know.. Actually I didn't know there were so many american/english Lisannes too! I'm surprised!
Nice to meet you all!

x. Lisanne