Vive Le Weekend! Les Sans Cullottes!

Fun show at Freddy's Backroom last night. Felt like a house party with a live band, which means Les Sans Cullottes met the F.I.B standard of excellence!
A nice respite for F.I.B who is SICK OF LOOKING FOR A JOB and WORRYING ABOUT MONEY!!!!! F.I.B didn't have the coin to go Cavestomp last weekend so was very happy for some FAB, FREE Rock & Roll!

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Marquis de Kaplan said...

Great video! Er, le video magnifique! Bourrer la gueule! I would say that Les San Cullottes make me "crier comme un putois qu'on écorche!"

To all others, I say "a l'orange! a l'orange! a l'orange! Viva a l'orange Viva Les San Cullottes! And, most importantly, viva Le Écouter en Brooklyn!"