Dispensed on Sackett Street

How To Keep Your Job in Hard Times: The Indispensable Employee - A Survival Manual".

I know it's hard times and all but I just have to say, this is one depressing book! Some chapter titles: "Eat Lunch at Your Desk", "Take Work Home With You", "Make Your Company's Problems Your Own", "Ask for More Work", "Be Smart, But Not Too Smart", "Delay Your Vacation If Necessary", "Sell Harder" and one of my favorites "Don't Waste Company Supplies".

Positively Dickensian!


Anonymous said...

Wasting company supplies is usually the only perk one gets a thankless office job where your soul is slowly sucked away.....

Lisanne said...

You are so right!

This book is so bad I look at it as a "Joke" book.