Great Moments in Brooklyn Architecture

The Masonic Temple in Fort Greene was looking quite majestic yesterday.... as it's next door neighbor Queen of All Saint's Church.

Who needs Paris when you got Brooklyn?


Margaret said...

What beauties! They don't make 'em like them anymore, alas. Now it's all glass and steel.

Willis Still Sunsweet, WWIB said...

Numerous great-- and great sounding-- jazz albums were recorded in the Masonic Temple in the early-mid 1950s. The players were mostly related to the Count Basie Orchestra, although Mel Powell-- best known then for his brilliant stint with Benny Goodman-- led some sessions there as well.

It's weirdly little known today-- especially since famous dude John Hammong produced them-- but those records are still remarkable

Willis Still Sunsweet
Music Director, WWIB