Rant! Bloomberg Decimating the Libraries!

I don't know how I missed this but it has just come to my attention that our (un)fair Mayor has now decided to close the libraries on the weekends and only keep them open Monday thru Friday from 1 to 6pm. WTF?!!!

Hello Mayor?! Mr. Mayor who is all about education and culture. Excuse me? Close the libraries?!! Now this is going too far. We all can't buy our books at Barnes & Noble you know. The Public Library is one of the last bastions of democracy and equality. Providing knowledge and information - FREE! FOR ALL! Especially with tuition costs soaring, even for distance learning programs and online courses, the library is a chance for someone who can't get a traditional education to learn something.

Yeah, I know, the Mayor hates "free".

The fab Desk Set has info on this unbelievably sad news and advice on what you can do. I already sent my letter to Bloomie and so should you.

*Get this! 943 employees would be laid off. Many branches would offer no weekend service. Imagine your local branch remaining open for five hours a day, five days a week, if we’re lucky. When can you go there? Unless you work there, you probably can’t. And if you do work there, let’s hope you’re not one of the 943!
Also, City Council must approve budget by June 30

And read here in todays' Daily News a 9 year old Carnarsie girl's outrage!

*Info from the Desk Set.

Seems like we have to fight for everything these days.

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Margaret Maugenest said...

And meanwhile the mayor is prepared to spend megamillions to run another term,

This is an OUTRAGE!