Clean Gowanus Now? Superfund it!!!

If you live in Community Board 6 you probably have received this expensive pablum in the mail. Anonymously written, this group wants you to be against designation of the Gowanus Canal for Superfund status. They have NO transparency and they expect you to give you their name and address so that they can personally put you on their petition.

They are called Clean Gowanus Now and guess what? When you google "Clean Gowanus Now" you arrive at the Toll Brother's website! Smooth!

I'm going to act like the City during the EPA's presentation (like what they said) and direct you over to Katia at Pardon Me For Asking for more info and commentary. Click here!

Many commenters at PFMA have pointed out the best thing about this flyer is that they provided the phone numbers and email addresses of all our elected officials, so please call them and tell them SUPERFUND GOWANUS!

Also read yesterday's the NY TImes pro superfund Op Ed piece "From Gowanus to Venice" here.


Margaret said...

I hope the EPA is seeing this so that they'll see what this Clean Gowans Now group is all about. This flyer is so full of misinformation, as is the interview with Toll in the Gotham Gazette. i.e. that the toxic sludge in the canal is harmless to people. These people say Clean Gowanus Now because as far as they're concerned, it's clean enough now as is!

Anonymous said...

There's no logic in this debate - everyone knows the Gowanus is toxic and living within a mile of that waterway is insane!

The EPA should have started this cleanup without a public comment period as any delay will result in more dead Gowanus residents!

Anonymous said...

It's the same few FROGG old hippies touting the EPA, they are as dysfunction as your home life - get over it 9/11 they told everyone air was safe 6 people have died of exposure since - they won't clean it in this administration, so forget Obama - unless you are thinking of Sasha's Administration - Obama 2048

F.I.B said...

OK, think about your 9/11 comment, you admit that they "say" it is safe yet people have died of exposure this is reason enough to question why should we trust our politicians and local developers when they basically say it's safe "enough" while scientists disagree and they say they are "ready to go" on this.

oh and while i fully agree my home life may be dysfunctional (I'm sure yours, whomever you are, is just perfect) FROGG is not!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh-Oh 9:36. Seems like FROGG has gotten your dander up. They must be doing something right!