Check out "Gowanus by Design".

I stumbled upon this blog called Gowanus by Design and it's a great resource for most everything Gowanus.

Here is a description in their own words.....

"Gowanus by Design proposes a new development strategy going forward for the Gowanus area, showcasing different options for the canal and including the many voices of canal stakeholders. GbD will develop speculative projects that point to the potential for what the canal can be, and GbD will track the coordination of clean-up and development efforts between the many city agencies whose individual decisions impact those of us who live and work near the canal.

Within this site explore the potential for development and improvement (not always the same thing) of the Gowanus Canal and its environs:
1.Blueways and Greenways
Exploring the canal as a park and recreation amenity
2.Transportation Issues and Opportunities
Exploring improvements to public transportation
3.Current Events
Links to recent online news and blogs
4.Canal Developments
Planned development projects, plot by plot
5.Links to Gowanus area stakeholders
6.About the Area
Statistical information
7.Urban Design 101
Learn about community based urban design
8.Letters and Opinions
As if we hadn’t said enough"

The community stakeholders link is especially useful as it lists all the local community groups as well as how to reach our local pols. Their current events section is an archive of almost all the recent press coverage of the battle over the Gowanus. I especially like that they say " development and improvement (not always the same thing)"!

Check it out here!

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