Coney Island 2009 Mermaid Parade

The rain didn’t stop the 2009 Mermaid parade yesterday out at Coney Island, although the crowds were nowhere near as huge as on sunnier Mermaid Parade days, spirits were just as high. F.I.B decided to get involved in the parade form the inside this year and volunteered with her favorite arts organization, Coney Island USA . I got placed in the staging area under the “head quarters” tent, not too shabby!
I would compare it to being backstage at a talent show. It also gave me a great opportunity to see absolutely everyone who was in the parade as Dick Zigun says in the little video clip I shot, all the “families and floozies, the Mermaid Parade has it all!” and Harvey Keitel to boot!
The drum that gets banged on at the start of every Mermaid Parade.My first Mermaid encounter of the day. She was very elegant.
Genie Mermaid!
Bunch of Mermons....
These mermaids had amazingly beautiful french toile tails, the details were stunning.
Harvey Keitel as King Neptune.
This group was jitterbuggin' and lindy hoppin' for a couple of hours before the parade even started!The Mummers from Philadelphia.
Harvey Keitel and his Queen Daphna.
I think this guy said his name was "Lone Howlin' Elvis".

A fab day!I will have loads more pictures over at my flickr account.

P.S- Some more coverage of the Parade

Confessions from the Velvet Ropes. I love this blog!

Amusing the Zillion Great photos and commentary from the reviewing stand!


Tricia said...

hey Lisanne,
you got some great pix. I love the "Blue Genies" and the closeup of Dick's tattooed leg. After all this time I had no idea he had the Parachute Jump on the back of his leg. Learn something new everyday!
I also enjoyed seeing pix of paraders at various spots along the route. I watched from the reviewing stand so I missed the staging area and the Boardwalk, which along with Nathan's is I think the best backdrop of all.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Keitel's Queen certainly could havce put in a little more effort, n'est-ce pas???