To the Superfund Nay Sayers.....

One of the scare tactics that the people (mostly developers) in the group called Clean Gowanus Now! use to persuade the community to be against the EPA cleaning of the Gownanus Canal is to say there are no "funds" in the "superfund". Well I have news for you. President Obama announced today that in upcoming months billions of stimulus dollars are going to be released to create jobs and some of that money is going to be used for Superfund Projects. More reason than ever to want the EPA to clean the canal.

"the Environmental Protection Agency will begin or accelerate the cleanup of 20 Superfund sites"

Read about his speech here.

*Info from the Associated Press, image from Be A Design Group.

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Plow to Plate said...

Met someone from New Bedford, Massachusetts who spoke glowingly about what a beautiful job EPA Superfund did there.