New Coney Island Blog: Amusing the Zillion

Target, the Coney Island Arcade Cat.

Trish Vita, who describes herself as a "a former carny kid who casts an insider’s eye on the amusement business, Coney Island, and fun places in between" has started a new blog called Amusing the Zillion.

Read her current post telling the real story about why Thor Equities’ Festival by the Sea was cancelled last weekend. Trish spends her summer days working out at Coney Island either at the Coney Island History Project or at a game on Jone's Walk, so you are sure to get the scoop on what is REALLY going on at Coney Island.

Trish also points this out about the current (non) state of Thor's amusement Park that should of been open by now:

"Contrary to the misinformation given out to the media on Thursday by Thor’s pr tools that anywhere from “some” to “half” of the 25 promised rides were being set up at Thor’s “amusement park,” there wasn’t a single new ride set up by Saturday. The Brooklyn Paper, metro, and the NY Post dutifully reported what they were told by Thor’s pr about the rides being set up and it is ABSOLUTELY FALSE."

Go figure, Joe Sitt not tell the truth? Say it ain't so!!!

Any if you are a Coney fan or lover, check out Amusing the Zillion!

Amusing the Zillion

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