Coverage of Sunday's Save Coney Island Protest at City Hall

On the case again exposing all the wrongs going on in Brooklyn - Sabine and Steve over at Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse have made this video and sent these words about the tragic war to save Coney Island.

"Save Coney Island had a press event July 26 to update the public on the city council vote on July 29th and to encourage another round of phone calls to the Speaker Quinn and all of the City Council members to keep Coney Island for amusement. The current city plan cuts most of the zoned amusement acres and rezones for high rise buildings. With Kevin Powell, Dick Zigund, Angie Pontani, Savitri D, Famous Bob, Rev. Billy, and other notables who want to enlist your help to Save Coney Island. Wednesday the Council votes to cut amusement zoning from over 60 acres to less than 9, spelling the end of Coney Island as the peoples' playground."

The City Council votes on Wednesday on this, go to Save Coney Island to find out up to the minute details.

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