Time is Running Out to Save Coney Island.

OK. I apologize for being so last minute on this. Bottom line is the city wants to close the amusement area in with high rise hotel towers. Save Coney Island thinks the amusement area should be expanded and the hotels moved OUT of the amusement area. There is a meeting today, Tuesday July 21st, at City Hall where The Zoning and Land Use Committees are now scheduled to vote on revisions to the Coney Island rezoning plan so, If there was ever a time to fight for your right to Save Coney, it’s now. The City Council’s Land Use Committee is expected to vote on the rezoning plan this week. The full Council vote is scheduled for July 29. In a last ditch effort to save the People’s Playground, Save Coney Island is asking New Yorkers to call their elected officials and request changes to the City’s plan.

Here is what YOU can do:

Two Phone Calls to Save Coney Island.

The Bloomberg administration’s plan to shrink Coney Island’s amusement district and to block it off with four high-rise hotel towers is now before the City Council. There isn’t much time left to request changes to the City’s plan.
If you want to save Coney Island, PLEASE CALL your City Council member TODAY (the sooner the better!).
To find your City Council member and their phone number, plug in your street address and borough here.
Call their LEGISLATIVE OFFICE number first. Try calling during the workday.
* Tell them you live in their district.
* Tell them that you’re calling about the plan for Coney Island currently under review by City Council.
* Tell them Coney Island is an issue of CITYWIDE concern and that the current plan would RUIN Coney Island forever.
* Tell them that the area for open-air amusements needs to be EXPANDED and that the proposed high-rise hotels need to be MOVED out of the amusement area.
* Tell them to urge the Department of City Planning and Coney Island Councilmember Domenic Recchia to FIX the City’s plan.
* Tell them your address and tell them you would like to know what their position is on this issue.
* Tell them to check out Save Coney Island for more information.
Be polite. Be brief. Be passionate. Leave a message if nobody answers.

AND I know it's raining this morning but if you can your presence is needed at City Hall TODAY!

As per the Save Coney Island website:

When: 10:30 am
Where: City Hall Chambers.

Bring a sign! The last time, they gave us a hard time about anything bigger than 8.5 x 11. You can download one no bigger than that here(pdf).

The vote by the Land Use Committee is the last chance for the plan to be fixed. If council members choose to vote on the plan without significant amendments dealing with the amusement area, we will know that they ignored your calls and that they are indifferent to the destruction of the “People’s Playground”. The vote by the entire City Council is scheduled for July 29th.

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Margaret said...

Seriously, it is a crime that Bloomberg/City Hall/Land Use is trying to destroy Coney Osland. Nothing is sacred in their might dollar vi$ion$!