Blondie & Pat Benatar in Brighton

To follow up on last night's show which was thankfully not rained out I have to take back my comments about what I heard was an underwhelming tour. If you blinked you missed the Donna's who only played three songs but Pat Benatar and Blondie did not disappoint and I went in with absolutely no expectations. I was thrilled that Blondie did "Atomic" and Pat did "Hell is for Children" (one of the strangest songs ever written). We were as far back as you could possibly be but I did worm my way up during Blondie's last number, that blurry picture shows their "Parallel Lines" influenced stage set, it the show sounded great from the back I can only imagine the experience from the front. Any reports?Far from the maddening crowds - the view from the back, very relaxing under the trees....And of course nothing that is good now is safe from "development" in NYC in 2009. There are plans to rip this free outdoor space down to put up an amphitheater that the public would have to pay to see events.

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