Leprechauns arrive in Brooklyn in July

You may or may not already know that the City won on the rezoning of Coney Island, too disheartening for me to even write anything about it. So click here to find out the details. Hopefully all the plans will fall through. Ya think it's possible? We still don't have a new World Trade Center right? Maybe they will RETHINK the idea of putting FOUR hotels or residential buildings smack DAB in the middle of where the amusement area as we know it. Maybe the realistic thought that Coney is still almost over an hour from LOWER part of Manhattan and what a pain in the ass to drive to from outlying areas. That it may be as DEAD as Atlantic City in the winter. One can only hope.

Anyway, the above leprechaun was spotted at Thursday night's Brooklyn Cyclones vs. Staten Island Yankees game at Keyspan Stadium in Coney Island. Twas' Irish night dontcha know....I was mesmerized by this leprechaun. He was an exact replica of a plastic pin I have since childhood but he was ALIVE. Alive and hanging out with the Cyclones cheerleaders, The Beach Bums whose wholesome uniforms were exactly what I wore in gym class in junior high school. One of the activities on Irish night was to bowl for prizes but the pins were beer bottles. There was also irish step dancing by the cutest little girls with wigs on - to some sort of metal ska jig music. A good time was had by all.I know this is blurry but this guy was hard to pin down. Wonder where he is spreading his magic tonight?

Upon leaving Coney, on my bike I might add (18 miles baby!), I heard the strains of familiar oldies music, upon closer arrival to Brighton Beach and the Asher Levy amphitheater, I said to my friend, "It sounds like Frankie Vali." and by god I was right! We rolled up when Frankie was crooning "You're a Native New Yorker". Too perfect.

P.S- Monday night is Darryl Strawberry bobble head night at Keyspan Stadium. Tickets still available.


Margaret said...

So disheartening how the City just gives the developers what they want regardless of how much effort ordinary citizens go through to protest. I love your bike story - Frankie Vali crooning "You're a Native NYorker" to you as you rolled up to Brighton Beach - you gotta be real conscious and lucky to catch those poetic glimpses and connections!

Anonymous said...

We went to the Cyclones game last but didn't get there in time for the bobbleheads (thanks F train). My kids have been going to a lot of Cyclones games this season and I think my 15 year old's motivation is the Beach Bums.