The return of Don from Don's Music

A few years ago there was a very cool record store on Amity Street in Cobble Hill. A record store that did not fit in with the surrounding boutiques and real estate offices. This store was funky in a real unstylized way. It was a real record store with old and new vinyl, cd's, guitars, zines, old bikes and some other oddball items that had nothing to do with music. Some might recall the proprietor was a loquacious fellow named Don and the store bore his name as well - Don's Music. These places are rare. Although not a record store, I would put the antique store Yesterday's News on Court Street the only place with a similar friendly atmosphere and interesting stock. (Yesterday's News has a ton of dollar albums at the moment btw!)

What happened to Don's music?
Well, one thing that happened was that Don's rent went up astronomically so he packed it up an d headed west where the weather is better and the rents are cheaper. Two high priced booteries attempted to make it happen in Don's old space on Amity Street but now the space has been vacant for at least two years. Don's Music West is located in Eagle Rock, California which is a neighborhood in Los Angeles. Don is currently in a band called Manhattan Murder Mystery and they will be doing a tour of Brooklyn next weekend.

This is all a lead up to the fact that Manhattan Murder Mystery will be a part of another Found in Brooklyn presents event at Freddy's Backroom in Prospect Heights featuring two L.A bands and two Brooklyn bands. Music starts with a folky sound building up to garage rock and hits a crescendo with the warm new wave sounds of Manhattan Murder Mystery featuring Don on the bongos.

So come one come all!

9pm - Puppet Head
10pm - Oh O.K
11pm - The Health Club
Midnite - Manhattan Murder Mystery

Saturday Night night Manhattan Murder Mystery and the Health Club will be playing at Hank's Saloon for a birthday bash for Don. Sunday night they will be at Don Pedro's in Bushwick.

There shall be reminders, just giving you a heads up!

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