Reverend Billy Speaks Out Against Fracking

This just in from my favorite video activists Sabine Aronowsky and Steve DeSeve. Green Party Mayoral candidate Reverend Billy recently visited their Brooklyn headquarters and spoke about an irresponsible New York Times article on gas drilling.

Why was it irresponsible?

They did not mention the "fracking" that's being done in New York State

What's fracking?

* "Fracking," as the industry calls it, involves injecting a million gallons or more of water and chemicals deep underground to pry out gas that's locked away in tight spaces. Many environmentalists want the federal government to regulate the practice because, in some cases, fracking may be harming nearby water wells. The industry says regulation should be left up to the states.

To find out more check out the trailer for a new documentary called Water Under Attack

*Info from an radio show by Jeff Brady on NPR a few months ago, read the whole article here.


Margaret said...

This is fu*king scary! Can't believe the current mayor isn't doing anything to protect his constituents. Is Haliburton really the company behind this? Evildoers. This is SERIOUS stuff. Thanks Sabine and Steve, for excellent clip.

Anonymous said...

"In 2005, when former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney was vice president, Congress passed the Energy Policy Act, which exempted the oil and gas companies from having to abide by the provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act, in place since the 1970s. This bill has come to be known as the Halliburton Loophole."