Another Atlantic Antic

It isn't fall in Brooklyn without the Atlantic Antic! Although I have nothing against people selling their wares, the music and hanging out with friends is always the main draw, plus it didn't hurt that it was a 5 star stunner of a day weather wise..Once again Les sans Cullotes performed in front of the Last Exit bar...I was particularly enamored with the keyboard player's mime t-shirt and tuxedo jacket with zebra striped yoke and fringe!
And speaking of fashion - FOUND ON ATLANTIC AVENUE! The Reverend Billy Talen's shoes! Bloomberg would never pound the pavement in such fab shoes as the Reverend Billy Talen does as he preaches his word of a dream for a city for the regular folks.If you don't know, the Reverend Billy is running for Mayor, go to his website here to find out more.

PS- Looking for something to do on Halloween? While on the website I see that he is looking for people to dress like a zombie Bloomberg and march with him in the Halloween Parade!

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Matthew said...

Zombie Bloomberg? How will they tell the difference between the undead and the billionaire? O, right, the non-zombie just spent 8 million dollars on "office supplies" to get re-elected.