The Atlantic Antic.A good time was had by all! (I think!)

Sheik Eddie Kojak performing at the Atlantic Antic.
Well as said F.I.B was at the Atlantic Antic and I present to you the fabulous Eddie Kojak and orchestra who has been wowing the crowds for years at the corner of Clinton and Atlantic. This was an unexpected closing number where Eddie, as someone behind me said, “was rapping” in English. A fabulous performer and I love how relaxed his band is. Out of towners hang on till the end, Eddy has an authentic Brooklyn accent (and attitude) despite the Middle Eastern flava of his words. ( Laughter and commentary provided by FIB and friend K.) Earlier on stage and I regret not filming this was the first male belly dancer I ever saw perform. Ends up he came all the way from Pennsylvania. K thought he was a “burning man type” and I thought he was a drag queen that snuck on stage! I thinkit was the black eyeshadow and jewelry. Also note that they have seemed to use the same trailer for years as Independence Bank closed years ago! On the flip side of course F.I.B spent a significant amount of time in front of Last Exit. Missed Susquehanna Tool & Die Co. unfortunately but did catch 2 sets of Les Sans Culottes. Even this elegant lady with the balloon was diggin’ the scene, she was banging her head a little to the sounds of L.S.C! LOVED HER! She looks kind of french all put together and such. Is she someone in L.S.C's Granny?
Also was severely admiring Les Sans Cullotes keyboard players ensemble for the afternoon although the whole band looked fab as always.

Filmed until heads got in the way!


miz drew said...

Bill is too cute as "Le Flic Americain" -- and its just what a 'vrai' francais would do!

Schlomo McLamestein said...

Can't believe I missed it! This year has gone too fast! I propose an Atlantic Antic 2!

Lisanne McT said...

yes Schlomo you were lame not to go!

MaryRuth said...

I want to live in your neighborhood!