Bad News this week in NYC

Would you want to live here? The Toll Brothers project.
Our arrogant Mayor has scored a coup and has followed through on his proclamation that he will continue to be Mayor even though his time is up.

Meanwhile back in Brooklyn, Commmunity Board 6 has been swayed to say yes (money talks) on the spot zoning for the huge condo complex on polluted water and land so that the Toll Brothers (see rant below) can screw up the eco system a bit more.

Click on those links to read full coverage of the Community Board meeting from the Pardon Me for Asking blog and scathing commentary regarding Bloomies dictatorship over at Who Walk in Brooklyn.

O.K I have to go to work now in the school that is in near the Toll Brothers site that has the children learning in trailers in an area that should be their playground. Gotta love the infrastructure they say we have! but we all know that they would never send their kids to THAT school! too many minority children!!!


Nuts and Bolts said...

i can't believe Bloomberg changed the system and got another term.....

...now just how long til Arnie manages to overtorn the 'have-to-be-US-born-to-be-president-rule'?

money talks i guess.....

Anonymous said...

After tax abatement, the property tax that Toll residents pay will be 5x-10x everyone else in the. Gowanus neighborhood.

Those funds will be directed to schools by the Council person elected in 2025 when the next 12 )ear term-limited elect. Is finally replaced!