Coney Island Halloween Horrors!

Steeplechase is still lit up in the off season at Coney Island. It is so beautiful, especially when everything else is closed up. It's the only sign of life although the pier across from it has an evening fishing scene. Who knew?Anyway it's five days till Halloween and you still have time to check out the Phantom of the Presidential Wax Museum as I did over the weekend. It is truely a non commercial,non-corporate, original, funny, off beat, dead on, unique Halloween thing to do. So go. As a personal aside, it felt a lot like an Ed Wood production which has added appeal for F.I.B.

I have to tell you one of the scariest parts was when we were shut in a small dark room with Nixon. It was also pretty scary just being in the bowels of the building of Coney Island USA, although there were plenty of rubber rats I am sure there were some real ones lurking around. Once again CUDOS to Coney Island USA for yet another unique presentation! If Coney were located in Manhattan there would be lines around the block for this!

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