I would just LOVE to take a break from this but I can't.

I'm tired (grad school is a lot more work than I imagined!) and I haven't ranted about the Toll Brothers project on Bond Street in a while but after coming home from a highly charged F.R.O.G.G meeting, that's FRIENDS and RESIDENTS of the GOWANUS CANAL y'all (contact me to get involved and not a member of the Gowanus Conservancy or Dredgers) one of the issues discussed was hurricanes and flooding, the latter being a HUGE problem around the Gowanus, although the Toll Brothers feel they can fix all that,but I digress. The other day I crossed the canal and we hadn't had rain in days and the tide was abnormally high. Just imagine what will happen in a hurricane, we will be getting them more with global warming y'know!

I would also like to add my two cents or have a cathartic little rant about the Toll Brothers. O.K we are in a recession. A big part of it is home mortgages defaulting. The Toll Brothers have made their fortune building the huge excessive suburban McMansion Homes that are largely the ones defaulting. The Toll Brothers take no responsibility, interviews with Robert Toll usually run a "no remorse" attitude, like "it's not my fault these people signed the dotted line". ANYWAY so the government bailed them out. So isn't that our money now? To use more wisely? WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT A CORPORATION SUCH AS THIS TO BE TRUSTED WITH A FRAGILE ECO SYSTEM SUCH AS THE AREA THEY WANT TO PLUNK DOWN A BUNCH OF CONDOS WITH A PRECIOUS "ESPLANADE"? and of course a parking garage.

Why are people in opposition to this project vilified and mocked (hello Brooklyn Paper!!) because they have ENVIRONMENTAL concerns? Flooding, raw sewage, pathogens, brownfields etc. And these corporate self involved, dried out, consciousless Toll Brothers reps and their political aliases (hello Bill DiBlasio and Community Board 6!!) just will not take the actual people who live in the communities opinion as a concern. The scary thing is that we have a Mayor who thinks in this fashion as well, term limits schmerm limits is has attitude and to hell with what the democratic process is.

Our world is majorly screwed up right now. War and greed have the country hurting. Can't we all just take a break and just LIVE our lives? Isn't this recession enough of a sign?

Found in Brooklyn
naively simple
and wants people to just stop it.
(war and greed)

OK I feel better now. Check out this link over at my compadre Pardon Me for Asking (who was also at this evenings meeting) to find out more about the photo above of what the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel will look like with a type TWO hurricane,it's just around the corner y'know.


just observin' said...

Your so cute when you get mad....

Lisanne McT said...

um, that wasn't my intention, but thank you whomever you are, unfotunately i just heard that the community board voted for the Toll Brothers spot zoning, which sucks big time.