Happy Halloween!

eeeaaaaaoooooaaaaaeeeeeeeeeooooooooahhhoooooooooo it's Halloween tomorrow! Don't forget to wear your crucifix or garlic so Dracula don't get ya! And check yer apples before eating!!!This house on Carroll Street between Hoyt and Bond Streets never fails to decorate for EVERY holiday, LOVE THE UNDEAD GUY WITH THE KNIFE!!!!I call this one the "Patriotic Pumpkin". See he's got a patch on his knee! He's feeling the recession and is smiling cause Bush will be GONE next week!!!!!

As usual the streets of Carroll Gardens have many a great Halloween display, I must say though this year was not as wild as years past. Is it because the newer residents are more "tasteful" or what? I did not walk past one homemade graveyard with someone hanging from a tree this year..that's all happening in Greenpoint now. Thank God someone is keeping up the tradition! Happy Sam Hain y'all!

P.S- November 2rst is all Soul's Day or Sam Hain or Day of the Dead, the day the veil between the living and the dead is at it's thinnest so don't forget to communicate with loved ones who are no longer with you. I'm serious!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween, girl!

Joyce Hanson said...

Yeah, Happy Halloween--and great to see you on Friday. Looks like you'll be staying in Carroll Gardens for a good long time now! xxoo

Lisanne McT said...

YEAH BABY! I fought the landlord and I WON!