Weekend Gowanus Area Art Happenings

Yes, this one is mine.
O.K there is a ton of art related stuff going on in the Gowanus area this upcoming weekend of October 18th. The big thing is the A.G.A.S.T open studios tour, AGHAST by the way stands for "Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour". Click here for the info on all the addresses of the artist studios that you can visit from 1 to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The Reanimation Library is having an opening Friday night. I stumbled into the library on the last year's AGAST weekend. There is also an opening called "Mend" going on concurrently at the Proteus Gowanus gallery.

It's all happening at 543 Union Street (corner of Nevins) from 6 to 9.

Click here for my blurb on the Reanimation Library.
Click here for the library's website.

There is an opening Saturday night called "Brooklyn 111" at the Brooklyn Artist Gym Gallery. Yours truly has some work hanging in that show. It is just up for a week as the next weekend the fund raiser called "Everybody Gets Art" will be held. Whoever purchases a ticket will have the opportunity to take home any art that is hanging. Go here for ticket information.

Anyway the Gowanus open studios are a great way to be nosy and see the insides of some really cool buildings as well find out what kind of art people are making. Last year it ran the gamut from cool installations (click here for a short film made in Melanie Fisher's studio!), painting, sculpture as well as some clothing, I remember going into a place called Feral Childe clothing on Douglass Street and wanting this oone awesome dress that I still regret not splurging on, it was like made out of some sort of indestructable material that I probrably would of ended up wearing everyday, but i digress.. go out and support some LIVING artists and check out the AGAST tour!

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A little off topic, but I had to share...A few scenes in last night's episode of "Ugly Betty" were filmed at Coney Island. I can't believe it is going to go away!