EPA Meeting Recap Addressing the Superfund Nomination of the Gowanus

It was a long meeting and I took tons of notes, the usually things were discussed except this time it is actually going to go forward! This is an abbreviated version in layman's terms.

The steps are first for a remedial investigation which will be done by the end of 2010. Then a feasibility study, where they basically analyse data and come up with costs hopefully by the end of 2011. Then they announce a proposal with another comment period until the middle of 2012, pick their final choice or "record of decision" based off of comments and data. Then they design the chosen option and figure out how much sediment to dig out (it's risen 3 feet in the last 7 years!) They have already started their studies and basically it's all about how to dredge all that coal tar out of there and figure out where to transport it (i told you layman's terms!). They did say that they are going to try to do as much as possible by barge so not to create major new traffic in the area. OK, so I figure in 2015 they will start construction. Many of the PRP's or "Potentially Responsible Parties" are big companies with "deep pockets" like National Grid, Kraft, DuPont, Chevron who will be paying for the cleanup in their areas. The best part was after the meeting and many activists in the neighborhood could FINALLY celebrate something!

Read more about it at Pardon Me For Asking.

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