Gowanus Whole Foods Site Flooded

To those that don't take the threat of rising tides and flooding in the Gowanus seriously, all I can say is a picture is worth a thousand words. These photos were sent to me by a reader with some very astute observations.

View from 3rd Avenue Bridge that is over the turning basin behind Whole Foods site.

"Wetland it is! Looking at the picture makes you wonder just how a "green" organic market can look at this wetlands and think "good place for a market". It more mind boggling that they designed a building as a cellar with parking on top. A cellar would have to be 2/3rd below grade!"

And here we have the canal flooding Dyke's lumber yard which is across from the Whole Foods site.

I wonder how high the tides are in the basement of the lumberyard?

Some food for thought, Whole Foods!


Patty said...

That looks very very unpleasant, I hope it doesn't flood anymore!

Anonymous said...

whole foods won't be building any time soon, they are dealing with their own massive internal problems.

Margaret said...

I'll go you one further 8:35 - Whole Foods/Whole Paycheck will NEVER build here. They came onto the scene when all the other greedy bastards did - remember Boymelgreen's Gowanus Village? Toll Brothers? HISTORY now! This was always an inappropriate site for what Whole Foods wanted to build. For toxic reasons, as well as environmental because it is IN A FLOOD ZONE, And they wanted to build underground, which would have pushed the waters in the soil outwards pushing toxicity further out into the community! YECH!!!

Marjorie said...

This looks like a good blog. I love Whole Foods Chelsea.

Sandy said...

I don't understand why your local authorities do not create measures to prevent flooding? I mean it's their responsibility they are elected to serve citizens, not just to get money from lobbies.