X: THE HUMAN CONDITION perform this Thursday (answer trivia question for a free pair of tickets!)

Experience the feeling of "synesthesia" at the record release party and performace by X: THC when they perform at Clemente Soto Velez Center ’s Flamboyan Theater on Thursday, March 25th at 8:00pm.

From their press release:

"X: THC combines both music and film in this creative and unforgettable live experience taking on themes of isolation, loneliness, and detachment. By integrating different media forms through “synesthesia” (cross-sensory experience), X: THC extends their own experiences to the audience, including them and affirming the fact that each of us is not alone.

Musically, X: THC combines chilled, shattered beats, and edgy indie rock songwriting to create a lush, ambient soundscape. The songs conjure shades of post-punk, new wave, and electronica—yet they weave a seductive, hypnotic sound all their own.

The album is accompanied by X: THC’s original film, whose wistful and mysterious imagery creates an utterly unique and uplifting experience. Citing Tim Burton, Michel Gondry, Darren Aronofsky, Jean Cocteau, and The Brothers Grimm as major influences, X: THC’s visual companion to the performance is a surrealistic trip inside the human subconscious."

X: The Human Condition Record Release Party
March 25 at 8PM (Doors at 7pm)
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center’s Flamboyan Theater
107 Suffolk Street, (between Rivington and Delancey St .) New York , NY
$10 Admission (Purchased at door)

Giveaway Trivia Question!

What is the first song that appears on the media player in the top right corner when you click here.
Tickets are still available!!!! (as of 10pm on monday)

A: Mr Happy
B: Don't Cry
C: A Human Flood

send answers to Lisannem(at)gmail(dot)net. The first correct answer gets the tickets.

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