Ponderosa Stompin'

F.I.B checked out the Ponderosa Stomp Detroit Breakdown on Saturday and got re-baptised by some fine american rock and roll. All of these originators still got their mojos working. Who did I see? 60's Girl group, The Velvelettes (Needle in a Haystack, Really Sayin' Something), mid 80's punk garage, The Gories (Nytroglycerin), 60's Farfisa Godz, ? & the Mysterians (96 Tears), Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels (Sock it to me baby, Devil with the blue dress but his gimmee shelter medley was a real downer i have to say..featuring a piano AND a drum solo that seemed to go on for hours) and a "pre-punk" metal trio from the early 70's called Death who were a real treat to hear. A big highlight was a surprise appearance by the lengendary Ronnie Spector! Here she is joining ? on "96 Tears"!

Hey Hey here are the Gories!

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