Wednesday Night Flick on Tanker in Red Hook*Ferry Tales*

Last week I had the pleasure of finally seeing that movie made in 1998 about the Gowanus Canal, Lavender Lake. I saw it in one of the most amazing and appropriate settings, on the deck of tanker, Marie Whelan, docked down in Red Hook. The event was hosted by Portside, New York. First off, I would like to comment on the movie. It was very well made and as a Gowanus resident it was fascinating. It was basically about the history of the canal and about well known Carroll Gardens resident and local funeral home owner Buddy Scotto's personal crusade to clean the canal and about his vision to turn it into the next San Antonio "River Walk". Buddy seemed sincere, although he mentioned "development" a lot. It is sort of shocking 12 years later that when people (the EPA) have stepped in to sincerely clean the canal, he took the side of the Toll Brothers and the city...but that's ancient history!

This week's tankerFlick is Ferry Tales. Sounds like fun!

The details:

"Hop aboard the Mary A. Whalen for the screening of Ferry Tales, the 2003 documentary nominated for an Academy award in 2004 A film by director Katja Esson, Ferry Tales takes place in the Ladies Powder Room of the Staten Island Ferry. It is a sneak peek into a culture that only happens 30 minutes a day in the women's bathroom….a place where no men are allowed. As they put on their make-up, they are transformed from housewives to businesswomen, from mothers to lawyers, from sisters to socialites. The women who step inside this room leave their race, social status and net worth at the door, sharing their most intimate secrets, solving each other’s problems or just dishing up the latest ferry gossip. What starts as funny anecdotes turns into a deep and moving account as these women, one by one, draw each other out, solve one another's problems and dish up the latest ferry gossip. "

Seating will begin at 8:30, and the movie will start at 9.

Printed Tickets are not mandatory, though reserving a ticket online is preferred.

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PS- When I went last week the first 40 people got a free beer. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink as well. The setting is fantastic. The skyline, the Statue of Liberty, an old tanker, the moonlight...a truly unique experience.

Where? Pier 11, Atlantic Basin, Red Hook (Pedestrian entrance at Pioneer & Conover)

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Thanks for the info--also a great way to get outside after the hot sun has gone to bed for the day.