Coney Island Eulogy?

After the end of a wonderful summer at Coney Island it is easy to forget the battles between the historic preservationists and the big buck developers. The dreary weather has suddenly brought it all back into play.

Faber's Fascination on Surf Avenue finished out the summer forever this year. Housed in one of the oldest, if not the oldest building in the Coney Island Amusement area, I have learned via the Coney Island watchdog blog
Amusing the Zillion that the building has had water pouring off the second floor of Henderson's Hotel which shares the structure since yesterday and owners Thor Equaities hadn't bothered to send someone over until about 36 hours later to look at it even though they had been notified. The situation is dangerous and the building could collapse. A.T.Z is calling this "neglect in progress" and has said 'The Henderson Building has already suffered so much damage from the “pre demolition,” it’s like watching an old person being slowly tortured to death. Save Coney Island, which has proposed re-purposing the building, might as well go ahead and start planning a New Orleans style funeral for the Henderson Music Hall right now. Read the whole story with a video of the situation here.

In the meantime, check out this video made by Coney Island native and friend Justin Wishnik, which features Faber's Fascination and is sadly called
Coney Island Eulogy.


Tricia said...

Thanks for the shout out Lisanne. I enjoy reading your blog too

Very cool vid, but I think the videographer mistitled it. While Faber's is gone and should be eulogized, the Polar Express, Deno's Thunderbolt and Wonder Wheel, and the Eldorado, which also appear in the vid, are alive and well and coming back in 2011

lisanne said...

Thank God they are coming back and the Wonder Wheel is landmarked and safe forever..Thanks for pointing that out and for the fab work you have done on Amusing the Zillion Trish!

Anonymous said...